*Rachel’s Point of View*

I woke up with a massive headache, I couldn’t even open my eyes for a minute. I shook myself awake, and realized that I was in Luke’s bunk, I sat up, supporting my back on the pillow, retrieving all the incidents from the night, and how I had taken a good case of all of those girls who tried to hurt me and laughed mentally at how much of a violent person I was.

I called out for Luke and noticed how he had changed for me, I was in one of his sweaters and those smelled great, I smiled at the thought of him changing for me, and I recalled how stressed he had gotten when he saw me fighting with those girls.

“Rachel!” He came in the bunk and sat beside me, “why did you fight with those girls?”

It kind of hurt that he was so bothered about why I fought and not how I was feeling.

“They said I sleep around and you cheat on me everyday,” I simply replied.

“So?” he said, being as insensitive as ever, “doesn’t mean you hit them!”

“They started hitting me first!” I snapped, “and if you can’t stand up for me, I’ll make sure to stand up for myself.”

“What do you mean? Rachel, those are my fans!”

“And I’m like your girlfriend,” I yelled at him, “oh, wait, of course not because we aren’t in a relationship,” I re-framed my sentence sarcastically.

“Just shut up!” He yelled back, “do you know how much of a drama you have caused on twitter?”

“I don’t care! If someone says rude things about me and tries to hurt me, I will hurt them back!”

“You’re ridiculous, seriously, I was on the way! I would have sorted it!”

“No!” I protested, “you would have yelled at me, you wouldn’t even care!”

“The fact that you’re getting so defensive over what they said makes it seem like how you may be like that!” he said as he widen his eyes, clearly, he regretted saying it.

“Oh, you think I am like that?” I was hurt, his opinion did matter to me and the fact that he just said such a thing made me feel sick, “or you thought how it may be true that you cheat on me everyday?”

“Rachel!” He yelled at me, “Well, you had a thing with Malcolm!”

“He’s the only guy I’ve been around without feelings, unlike you!” I yelled back, “Stop yelling at me!”

“Well you’re yelling at me!”

“Only because you’re yelling at me!”

“Just shut up!”

“You shut up! You can’t take a stand for the girl you’re going out, shame on you, Luke! I shouldn’t have been around an 18 year old after all!”

“Right!” He came closer to me, “if you really want me to take a stand for you, be my girlfriend! Get in a relationship with me! Love me! Stay with me!”

I stopped yelling and calmed down and he did too, realizing what he had just said.

“I’m sick!” He continued, “I’m sick of fighting everyday. Would you try it out with me?”

“Luke, I-”

“Its okay, I’m an 18 year old, anyway” he mocked my tone.

“No, Luke, I was scared you’d never ask! I’m fighting and craving for you and your attention too… I think we should try it.”

“I love you, Rachel”

“I love you, too, Luke,” I said to him.