*Rachel’s Point of View*

“Thank you for coming!” The boys greeted as two girls who came to their meet and greets left.

The other girl entered, and damn was she so stunning, now. I wasn’t really insecure, I mean, I said a lot about how I’m unattractive and not pretty enough. But I was generally content with however and whatever I was. Something about this girl made me look at my appearance and compare us, though. She wore a mini skirt, with a tank top, high heels, red lipstick and slight makeup. The fact that she didn’t have tonnes of makeup caked on her face made it even worse because it just meant how good looking she was. This was the first time how much I hated to be appointed to click pictures for their meet and greets. I don’t know why I felt so insecure and small in front of her.

“Hi..” Luke greeted her, looking her from head to toe, staring at her legs and thighs, what a jerk, I thought. He was dating me and he was checking her out, in front of me. Ugh.

“Hiii! I love you guys a lot!” she greeted them and hugged all of them, Luke for a bit longer though so I assumed that Luke was her favorite, great.

“What pose would you want us to do?” Luke asked being a bit excited to click pictures with her at which I just rolled my eyes.

“Can you kiss my cheek?” She asked him, cutely.

Not so cute for me though. I wasn’t the jealous type. I was infact not jealous at all. Fine, I was kind of jealous. But I was dating him, I had a reason to be jealous and seeing him being all flirty as if I wasn’t even there sucked more!

“Sure, sweetheart” he smiled his mischievous smile at her.

“Rachel, click?” Malcolm’s voice got me back to where I was, a fucking photographer here.

After their picture was done and she left, Luke and Caleb couldn’t stop talking about her. It was so annoying. Like I couldn’t care less about Caleb talking about her but Luke??? I mean, we’re DATING.

I knew I was overreacting. I did not even like him, that’s what I thought. But it was such a let down about how he would tell me all those cute things and then go ahead and be a dick like that! It was obvious how he spoke about every attractive girl like that.

“Lexie, could you please click the rest of the pictures? I have a stomach ache..” I said as I turned to my head – Lexie. And she nodded, “take care” she said. I turned back, facing the boys to go to the exit door.

This made Luke look at me -finally- and his face showed concern, which was just pity because why in the world would he even look at me anyway? “What?” he spoke, “you okay?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes, not feeling the need to reply to him and just walked out of there and sat in the management’s tour bus.

I removed the page he gave me on our first date and wrote down “Reason 4: He’s a jerk. Reason 5: Doesn’t pay attention to the girl he’s dating”

I couldn’t believe how immature I was being but, he had given me the paper and I wanted to let it out so I did it. I don’t even think there was even one reason to date him, unless it was about making out, but he was a good kisser. This entire week, he did not do anything special, but I learned a lot of things about him, like, how his band was formed, how many members are there in his family, who are his inspiration and all of that. I also learned how he was more of a silent person, how he never really had a loud and happy go lucky personality. He liked silence and most of the times we would just lay in his or my bed silently not saying a word, I liked silence with him, it was comfortable and I wouldn’t feel pressured to talk about something to keep him interested in me.

I heard a knock at the door and I opened it to see Luke standing there and smiling like a geek there, “what?” I groaned at him.

“Is that how you welcome your boyfriend?” He said acting as if I’ve hurt him.

“Whatever,” I grumbled and walked away.

He climbed in the bus and followed me and took a seat next to me, “why are you so moody?” He asked.

“Um…I don’t know, must be the stomach ache effect,” I said sarcastically.

“You’re not having any stomach ache,” he shifted closer to me, he looked around me and spotted the paper next to me, “Hey! what did you write in that?”

I hit his hand as he was about to pick it, “go away! Don’t read it!” I took the paper from my bed and kept it in my pocket.

“What? You could at least let me read the reason of what I did,” he said, annoyed.

“Figure it out yourself,” I muttered.

“Stop being such so moody!” he snapped at me.

“Well if you stop being such a jerk!” I snapped back at him.

“What did I even do?” I could feel the annoyance in his voice.

“You were flirting with that girl!” I finally let it off my chest.

“you mean my fan,” he corrected me sternly.

“Same thing,” I muttered.

“Not!” He said in a higher pitch, “not the same thing! I was just being nice to her because I noticed those scars on her legs and I felt she would feel better if I was nice to her!”

“Right. She totally has scars and so she ironically wears a skirt for everyone to see it,” I know I went way out of line. I regretted saying that just after a second I completed my sentence, I couldn’t believe I just said that, something was surely wrong with me.

“What?” he glared at me, “What did you just say?” he got up and stepped closer to me, he held me by my arms and made me stand up, “those were faded scars but I just happened to notice!” he yelled.

“That just means you were staring at her legs” I mumbled.

“Oh Goodness!” he yelled and I flinched, “If you can’t take me as who I am, just don’t be with me! I am tired of trying to make it up you every minute!”

“Excuse me?” I spoke at a higher pitch too, “I have never asked you to change its just you who feel like you’re not good enough!”

“Only because you make me feel like that!”

“Well then lets just not date! If I’m so annoying, just go away. Don’t come close then,” I said, hoping he wouldn’t take me seriously but just soften and hug me and tell me how it would work.

“Yeah! Maybe we shouldn’t. Maybe you are so annoying! Maybe I should walk away! Maybe I won’t come close to you!” he snapped and walked out.

I just groaned loudly at how much I had stretched this small issue and how Luke was so fed up of me, already. In just a week.

Reason 6: I’m inconsiderate as well.