Morning came. It was a cloudy day. Shraddha went with her father to lodge a police case against those miscreants. She told as much as she could, about them. Like the fact that one of them wore a digital watch of dark blue colour and it glowed as the clock struck seven that evening. But with minimal clues like these, even the police was helpless.

Ashish had a difficult night. He even narrated his tale to Sakshi. How can that idiot girl speak like this to you!! She replied.

Even Harshit did not escape the vicious circle of trouble. He had a test the next day and had a pending assignment which he was supposed to submit a week ago. But he was busy with the Kabaddi competition in the college that studies took a backseat that time. There were two things: One was the yesterday’s scuffle and the extra load led him to sleep at 5 in the morning. He woke up at 11 in the morning till Sanjay’s call came.

“What’s up? Haven’t heard back from you?”

Sanjay was an English Literature student as well as Shraddha’s classmate. He did not have many friends but he mingled with people easily and was an “I-am-always-there-for-you” kind of a person. He had helped Harshit in many ways. He helped Harshit in dealing with Nisha and brought notes of Biochemistry for Harshit as his sister is an M.Sc in the subject. Also, he arranged tickets for cricket matches and they both have had a great time together. Sanjay has a special liking for Harshit but Harshit does not like that much amount of proximity. But Sanjay is a genial person so Harshit does not bother much.

“Yeah. Hi, sorry I was busy with my matches and studies so couldn’t get time talking to you. How are you doing?”

” I am good as always. Why don’t we meet at the Serene Point at 12 today?”

Harshit exclaimed,” At 12! Yaar I have an internal at 12.30 and I can’t miss that!”

Well, Serene Point is a place at the Flora Park near their College. Sanjay named it Serene Point because no one hardly comes here. The park covers a large area and there is a hill like structure at the end of the park and across that structure is the Serene Point. There is silence everywhere and one could hear the wind blowing and the smell of silence.

“Come along, please? It’s such a beautiful weather. You’ll feel refreshed and would be able to give your internal calmly. And do bring your bike. I wanna have a ride on it. I’m waiting.” The call ended.

“Why does he never pay heed to my approval or disapproval?”Harshit mumbled. He got ready and was about to leave. Till he got to know that his internal is postponed until 1.30.

Harshit took his bike towards the Floral Park. He went towards the Serene Point where he met Sanjay, having chowmein with him. They ate chowmein and had a talk on variety of things- Biochemistry, good deliveries in cricket and the Student Union elections scheduled for the next week. Then the talk went on till Literature but Harshit was losing interest in the conversation so Sanjay stopped talking about it.

Sanjay took Harshit’s bike and assured of handing it over till Harshit’s internal got over. Harshit went to the college in a rickshaw to give his internal.

Harshit had classes till 3 that day but those got cancelled so he decided to go back home. He was calling Sanjay continuously but the call was not reachable.

He decided to go out and check whether Sanjay had come or not. It was raining by that time. He took his raincoat out and wore it. As he reached at the main gate of the college, he saw Shraddha standing at the gate with an umbrella and looked dejected. Shraddha looked at Harshit but since he was on a call, she left his gaze.

“You don’t look alright. What has happened to you?”

Shraddha spoke poignantly, “Sakshi came here. She rebuked me for speaking those words to Ashish. She even gave me a tight slap for that.” Then she turned to her dejection.

“Your powerful emotions seriously does not have any bounds.” Then he spoke in a matter of fact manner,” Go and apologize for your mistake, simple.”

“I don’t know how will I ever do that. What if Ashish also does the same?”

“I know Ashish. He’s a kind-hearted guy and does not have heated blood like Sakshi.” But he wondered,” Sakshi did not go to school?”

“She lives in Roselyn Avenue.”

Harshit nodded his head.

“Have you seen Sanjay. We met at Floral Park. He took my bike and went away and he said that he’ll return my bike after my internal got over.” He looked at his cell and said,” It’s 2.30 now. I wonder where he has taken my bike.”

Shraddha thought for a while and said,” I remember that he did not come for the class as well.”

“Where is my bike!” Harshit moaned.

“Call him and ask.”

“Thanks for telling me Shraddha!” He smirked then added,” I am doing that only. His phone is unreachable.”

“You’re leaving now, right? I’m here till 4. I am planning to take that class because my attendance is already short. So I’ll see if Sanjay comes and I’ll ask him to send your bike.”

Harshit thought for a while and said,” Yes, please do that. ” Then he roared,”I’m not gonna spare him for this! I’ll meet him tomorrow and teach him a lesson!”

“Calm down. You’ll get your bike.” Then she turned towards the big clock on the college wall which said it was 2.45.

“I should leave now. I have a class. Catch up with you later.” Then she went.

Harshit took bus for way back home and was calling Sanjay but his phone was still unreachable.

Shraddha took all her classes till 4 but Sanjay never came. She went to the canteen and the security guard and asked them about Sanjay. Even they were clueless.

Since it was getting late for her she dropped the plan of meeting Ashish. She caught a bus and was stranded in the traffic due to rain. She messaged Harshit.

“Sanjay did not come to college. Nor did he come for the class.”

Harshit had just reached home and saw Shraddha’s message. He was dismayed.

Shraddha reached home at 7 in the evening. She changed and was checking her WhatsApp. She saw Harshit’s message,” ?

“Did Sanjay come?” She dropped a message.

She studied till 8 and checked her WhatsApp. Harshit had written,” No. He did not. He’s not even receiving my call.”

“Did you meet Ashish?”

“No. I got late so planning to meet him tomorrow.” She replied.

Shraddha’s mother came and said,” A lad has come to meet you. He’s claiming to be from your college.”

Shraddha went outside her room and saw a familiar face. I have seen him somewhere, but where? She began to think.