Quite late for her to live. She was mentally dead already. She had no hopes on her chances of revival.She couldn’t repeat an year . She couldn’t fail that subject .She didn’t have any reasons to cover her mistake .

Her chances of passing were very bleak. Her attendance was low and she couldn’t be saved . But that day.

That day,  she couldn’t understand who saved her.

Was it her stars? Was it the sir who just passed her? Or was it her brother who served as a beacon of hope or was it her friends and sister who gave her the surplus amount of motivation that she could pass through the rough phase?

Well, maybe she was lucky but she had to make a tough choice the next day. After all, she would earn her freedom at the cost of another person.

Yeah, this is a story of a normal human being . A normal student who was new to challenges. A normal girl who couldn’t find her inner self in the noisy din of the rest of the world.

Meet Shreya , the bubbly , sweet girl you would ever meet. It was her first year in her college and she looked forward to each and every event the college had. She enjoyed the the crazy DJ nights , the sober environment campaigns , the geeky tech fests and the cultural fest. Of course, she did pay heed to our academics but naturally she was swayed by the new and confusing environment of her college. She was new to so many people’s opinions. She didn’t know which one to consider and which one to ignore. She didn’t know which rumour to trust and which one to toss away.

In the ambiguous environment, yet she managed to make some friends, some well wishers and some really very close friends. Her first semester went on smoothly. She did well and all and it was time for her vacation.

Shreya tried making a good holiday of her vacation and she was successful indeed. Though  her family was struggling for financial stability, she could find happiness in whatever her family did for her. Then, it was the second semester of her first which changed her entire outlook of her life.

She began to take bold decisions like trying out internships at different places. No, she didn’t do it for money. She did it to know how much her dad works hard everyday to buy her stuff she wanted. She did it for her herself. Of course she jumped into wrong conclusions, she did take some really bad decisions but at the end of the day she just hoped that everyone in her world would find their  happiness. She prayed for herself and her family .

Her second semester was going on smoothly when one day she received the shock of her life. She had staggering 28% of attendance in a subject. No, she couldn’t get through it even if she went to the classes regularly. No her subject professor was too strict to listen to her. No he couldn’t grant her attendance. No, she had no other chance but to repeat a semester for that one subject. She couldn’t tell her parents. She couldn’t tell them about her situation. She feared they would bring her back. She feared they would lose all the hopes on her. She feared they would never trust her again.

Shreya couldn’t help herself out of the situation. Infact she didn’t think about taking anyone’s help. It was her mistake infact. It was because of her negligence that she was facing the problem.

She tried going to her professor every day and convince him to grant her some additional attendance. He didn’t agree. She totally lost her hope of survival when her seniors helped her out.

Finally, she could somehow survive the detention and she could continue her studies. She was happy for the moment but then , she knew that something didn’t feel right. It was like everyone was happy for her and she was happy too but she had a tingling sense that something would go wrong .

She was right. It was her classmates. They couldn’t see Shreya getting saved from detention. They were green with envy. They were not worried about their situation but they were not happy that Shreya passed on. That night, they all sat down and made a devious plan about bringing her down. They took the matter to the highest authorities of the college and blamed the professor that he favoured Shreya.

Shreya , who was unaware of the whole plan was then trapped by her classmates. Her classmates pleaded for her help and they asked her to give a false statement against the professor. They did promise her that she wouldn’t get detained and they said if she would help them, they all would get saved.

Shreya was now in a fix. She said her classmates that she needed some time to think everything over . She had to give the whole thing a thought.

Then, her professor called her and he started yelling at Shreya. He warned her against the plan her classmates made and he asked her to be careful.

She was shocked. She couldn’t believe what she heard. She was now on the path where two roads crossed and she didn’t know which road to take.

If she sided with her friends, her image would get destroyed and her college years would not go smooth.

If she thought about herself, she would lose her friends and would get a bad name.

With the counsel of her seniors, she decided to listen and defend herself. She tried to save her professor from the allegations.

She succeeded. She then focused on her end semester exams. She did well.

The day she was leaving for her summer vacation. She understood one thing. She knew she had to make a tough decision . She knew she had to pay the price . She knew that it was now time to face the reality and get serious. She knew it was time to live only for her family and herself.

That was what she learnt . That’s how Shreya transformed into a healthy, confident , cautious and a firm human being. She left for the summer vacation with pride . She could finally lead a happy life.