Sejal and Anu were best of friends. Anu’s parents were happy as with Sejal’s tutoring Anu’s academic performance was enhancing day by day. Anu was happy as not only did she had a new best friend but also a SECRET SECOND MOTHER.

Their routine was pretty much the same. Coming back from school, bathing together, eating together, sleeping together and then homework and playtime till Anu’s parents were back. Anu was enjoying this secret game as Sejal was always soft with here. She was always tender and so caring that Anu felt so loved. poor soul did not know that however soft the touch may be the intention behind it would ruin her one day.

Sejal always had different secret games to play. Sometimes it would be ‘Wife and Husband’ or sometimes it would be enactment of a romantic scene from a movie. Anu was so loyal to her that she never revealed anything to her parents. in her eyes everything was as perfect as could be. Her confidence also boosted and she started making more friends, learnt dancing from Sejal and took part in dancing competitions and was amongst good students of her class.

both the girls started growing up with their bond remaining intact. Sejal was 18 now and had passed her 12th standard.  She moved to a different city for her graduation. This left Anu a bit lonely but owing to her new personality she made new friends. Anu was in 6th standard now. She felt like a grown up girl and was loving the new life.

New clothes, new classes as they were no longer juniors and brand new uniform. These new classes also included Sex Education classes. This was totally new to Anu and her classmates. All the girls waited excitedly for this class. As soon as their teacher arrived they all were very interested in knowing what this class was about? Their teacher was Miss Priya. She was a 25 year old beautiful teacher. She started the class with introducing herself and asking every girl about them. She was very polite and friendly. All the girls instantly declared her as their favorite teacher.

Miss Priya started the class with a very basic topic – ‘Right touch and Wrong Touch’.

She explained ‘Our body is made up of many parts. Some of these parts are private and only our mother is allowed to touch them. That is called right touch. ‘

‘ If anyone else tries to touch us in those private parts then that is called wrong touch. If anyone tries to touch you there you should immediately inform your mother or me.’

She continued explaining which parts are private parts and how they should never allow any stranger or even a known person to touch them there.

All the girls felt as if they had learnt something very important. They all felt grown up and responsible for their body. The class had made them aware of something important. No one realized that Anu was quiet and was staring into infinity. No one heard how everything smashed and broke inside Anu.