It was a new day and a new beginning but Rachel however was not very excited about going to her new school. She has been to many schools as her dad gets transferred a lot. So as her every day ritual she woke up got dressed and went down for breakfast. Her dad, Mr Melvin Jameson was preparing pancakes and she smelt some of them burn even before she came into the kitchen.

She shared a very special bond with her dad and it became strong since her mom Pamela died a few years ago.

As she saw her father singing to the radio and getting on with the pancakes she smiled and went around the table to help him. When she was done she picked up her neatly stacked bag and jacket and was off to the first day of the new school.


No matter how many times she changed schools Rachel was never tensed about the terrible first day, but today she had this uneasy feeling inside her stomach and she was frankly very nervous. She blocked her thoughts, got out of the car and went inside only to find the well-constructed, clean and crowed corridor. She silently made her way through the excited kids looking around for her classroom, and spotted it to her right. As she entered, she saw that a few of the kids were already in their seats and chatting with their friends, so she took a good glance and took a seat by the window.

As the class began Rachel had made a friend, Jessica Norman. When Rachel was scanning the room for an empty seat Jessica waved at her to the one next to her. Rachel had nothing interesting to say about her but Jessica was good at making a conversation so Rachel had no problem since she wasn’t expected to talk much. The class ended soon and Jessica came by and offered Rachel a tour of the school, which Rachel accepted gladly.


Both the girls were tired of all the walking and sat down to relax by the old bench at one corner of the field. Rachel learnt a lot of things about Jessica and was beginning to like Jessica not only because Jessica was nice to her but because she saw Jessica as an independent and kind hearted girl.

 More about Rachel, coming soon