The secret behind happiness is worth in finding one’s pleasure. Legend says that each person has a distinct desire over something which he fancies a lot. A man sets his voyage (like a Cap’n Jack Sparrow in his life) towards his goal ignorant about his destiny. Now, what if two persons have interlinking goals. Yes, this is inception for intervention. When two intervening goals synchronize, it leads to a great unknowing coincidence. Now, here’s a story about a young guy and girl whose confusions lead to their coordination.

There’s a guy called Pranav Tatavarthi, pursuing his career in Engineering. Being bored with the tedious curriculum, as is the case with many like him, and along with his passion towards photography and film-making, he decides to make a short film. Anything creative and imaginative always tracts his mind. Although, his sprouting passion brought up a ray of goal into his mind, he finds it hard to comprehend. His quest for finding the most apt team was not like a piece of cake.

This is due to his inhibition to announce his idea, keeping in mind, of various public responses. As few days passed on, his friend Prasanth Pilla approached him for an important issue.

Unaware of the fact that Pranav decided to take a film, Prasanth seeks him a help. He portrays that he fancies a young, charming and witty girl, Sakshi. Sakshi happens to be the prettiest girl of their class. Prasanth continues his explanation saying, “Hey buddy! Please help me out in conveying my feelings to my girl. I’m also keen to know her response”. Pranav asks, “Does she like you? At least as a nice guy”? Obviously, the answer came out to be “ambiguous”. Pranav thought for a while and figured out a plan. Noticing the interest of his friend on a girl, he tries to execute two things at the same time. Guess what? It must have been clearly understood from Pranav’s paradigm that he decides to make them as the lead roles. As a result, he discusses the plan with Prasanth about how he’s going to bring them a little closer with his short film. He also narrates the script inside the script, keeping in thought that how they are to be presented as an on-screen couple.

The next day, Pranav makes a call to Sakshi. Unaware of their plan, Sakshi responds negatively for his request. Sakshi, being a shy and calm-going hesitated at first to the call. Pranav tried it a quite few number of times and later, revealed that Prasanth is going to pair up with her, if she agrees. To his surprise, Sakshi explodes in excitement. Her unstoppable serendipity and unexpected ecstasy turned as a positive response to him. Pranav was skeptic about her intensions towards his friend, however, he decided not to dig it deeper right in the beginning itself. He was very much satisfied for the two outcomes: one for the short film, and secondly, he got to know up that Sakshi might be liking Prasanth already. However, Pranav didn’t reveal it to Prasanth knowing that it would spoil the plot and keeping them unaware of each one liking one another would increase the drama in their acting.

Everything was sailing smoothly and they decided to maintain the course steadily. As the time was passing by, Pranav started to prepare all the prerequisites required for the work: a camera, fetching few locations, writing his script, etc. Meanwhile, due to his mediation, Prasanth and Sakshi started their first phase of interaction on a fine day. They were informed by the director, Pranav, to assemble at Café Day, to discuss the script and further proceedings with the film. Quite stimulated to meet and talk with her crush, Sakshi dressed up beautifully and arrived prior to the time. More interestingly, she even carried a present to Prasanth. She began imagining all the things of how she’s going to do with Prasanth, how to thank Pranav and so on. Biting her nails and glimpsing at the wall clock ticking, she anticipated for Prasanth.

As their meeting time approached, the door opened and the hanging bells started playing the music. Eagerly waited for a long time, she immediately turned to the door with a fresh smile. To her surprise, it was only Prasanth. As Prasanth approached, the freshness in her smile increased. Looking at that, he felt very motivated and lucky. When questioned about Pranav, Prasanth told, “We came together but, he said he forgot the script at the house. So, he’s gonna come back after a while”. However, Prasanth couldn’t figure out that Pranav did that intentionally but Sakshi could. Meeting for the first time in a comfortable environment, they both engaged quite well with each other. They began discussing about their roles. And then, moved on to their college life, descending towards their likes and dislikes. She noticed that he was staring at the surroundings with discomfort. When asked about, his reply was, “I broke my glasses the day before yesterday during Basketball practice”, smiling, he continued, “I left it there itself, and now, looking for a new frame.”She smiled at the reply. Tasting the delicious coffee, they began to nurture their feelings.

As his eyes fell on a beautifully wrapped item, Sakshi decided, it is the right time to present the present. She asked him to close his eyes for a while. Prasanth, little surprised, asked, “Why?” She then urged him to do so. Pausing for couple of seconds, he closed his eyes. His ears could sense the sound of unwrapping the cover and lips broadened. Although, the noise could be irritating, his eardrums echoed with reverberance. He was dancing his fingers and wrists, expecting a utility on it. But, something strange wrapped into his ears. He had this feeling even before. He soon realized that it could be his broken glasses repaired and opened his eyes. He vision, now, looks perfect and smiles at her with satisfaction. He couldn’t express his gratefulness to her and blushes. She seemed quite satisfied with her efforts.

At the end of quite a good amount of time, letting them create a room for understanding, Pranav arrived finally to discuss. He blinked his right eye to Prasanth, when she was unnoticing. There was another round for a sip of coffee and they discussed. Everyone’s there fell thankful to each other at the end of the day.

After a few days gap, the work started. Progress was good. Everything was going as expected. Both the lead roles were performing as fresh buds. The support from the others is good. The locations quite suited their atmosphere. Pranav started to expect positive results in both the cases; his movie, as well as, his friend’s love life. During the work, the hero and the director went off the location to discuss something more. They were putting out their views. Pranav focused on the film, while Prasanth was equally balancing his personal stuff. Both of them were sure that, Sakshi fancies him and so, Prasanth would express his love after the shoot ends. Pranav, being confident about the positivity of the outcome, assures that he could express it anytime later. Both of them, continued discussing and giggling. The only thing they couldn’t forecast is that Sakshi eavesdropped their talk. Now, she is confirmed that Prasanth loves him. Instead of straightaway expressing, she decided to play a prank and let him express.

After the shoot has finished, everyone felt happy. They were satisfied with their work. Few edits were left to polish it. As these things progresses, Sakshi invited her love, Prasanth, to talk personally. Though, he was not prepared for that day, he decided that it was right time to express. Hence, he asked her to meet at the same place where they have worked. Obviously, it was the boy who arrived first this time. He anticipated for her arrival. Although, she delayed as expected, he was confident and ready to speak out at her arrival. Initially, they discussed about their work and how soon they completed it.

Suddenly, she asks him a question, “Do you love anyone?” The boy wasn’t expecting it. Anyway, he says “Yes!” with confidence. Smiling inside, she further questions, “Does her name start with S?” The guy replies, “No! It begins with H” The girl is shocked. This was something unusual. She felt embarrassed and broken. Her voice trembled as she spoke, “Are you serious? What’s her full name? I would like to know. I heard you saying that you love me with your Pranav”. He reluctantly replies, “Yes! I do love a girl but, that’s not you. You must have mistaken, I was speaking about another girl that day. It wasn’t you, actually”. The girl bursts in tears while the boy bursts out in laughter for a few seconds and later responds, “Hey baby! I knew you loving me. I just played a trick that day and I knew you were eavesdropping our conversation. I’ve the same kind of interest towards you. I love you.” The girl relieves in sigh and slowly looks at him. He says,”Six words, Twenty-three letters, say it and we’re together”. Remembering one of her dialogues from the film, she asks him with utmost confidence, “Will you change my last name?” and tightly hugs him. The boy hugs her in return and says, “I do!”