Blood oozed out of her wounds, while she melted into the floor. Like her freshly painted pictures, the tints from her bruises slowly darkened. She might be losing her consciousness, but she knew where it all went wrong.

A few months back Preeti was the average teenage girl who found peace in the realms of fantasy. Who was too scared to face the reality of the world she lived in. Rightfully so. News about gang rapes and gruesome murders was no longer a myth far away from her, it now had its grip in her neighborhood. She was scared for her friends who were committed to relationships, because one day, she knew things would falter and they would turn victims. Victims she would read about in papers and hear about in speeches. Men in real life, were scary for her. And so she posted her comment to the reel that sought her type in men, ” duh. fictional men<<<<“. 

Preeti had only been intrigued by the fictional men. She worshipped and desired the brooding six feet tall male characters from books and Wattpad stories who made her insides squirm.  In the submissive female leads who challenge and then fell for them, she saw herself. in the kisses that the main characters shared, she felt her lips quiver and insides burn.  But magically on a friday afternoon when she slept with her book open, something bizzare happened.

She smiled as she saw him walking towards her. Perhaps this was the day that her most valuable dream came true. Vagar Vivian, her favorite character had come to life. He looked smolderingly hot to her in her first sight, only for things to drastically change in few months. 

Now Preeti lived in her fictional hell, not so far from the reality that scared her. The morally deranged, main lead with a traumatic past, held her arms tight. Yes. But surprisingly the hold bruised her. Very often. His tantrums needed her cajoling him in the end, while part of herself was withering away. His possessiveness felt less cute and more authoritative, only allowing her to breathe to his consent.  She knew she had to escape this land one day to a reality which is far more dangerous perhaps. But she knew she had to. She knew she would wake up one day to the serenity of her house and her moms breakfast. she knew her parents would still be fighting and her friends venting, but she would no longer idealize the men with dark past from books, who violated every others and their feelings. she wouldn’t find them sexy, but wary. Things would change for her because the alarm was about to burst her eardrums open, in a fiction less world.