Ratanpur is a beautiful village surrounded by green mountains and blue sea. A natural relation of give and take between human and forest developed around the area. Baali is a residence of this village. His family consist of his wife Ratna and a six year old daughter, Sita. Baali is a woodcutter. He was happily living his life unknowingly of what is going to come next?

One day in the morning he went to the forest for cutting trees. The soil was wet as it had rained last night. The weather was delightful. In coastal areas rains are not a strange phenomenon. He choose a different path to enter forest. By its appearance it did not take much time for him to realize that he had never been in this part of forest before. He was taking his time to believe that even as a permanent residence of Ratanpur, he had never heard about such beautiful part of forest. He entered their and unpacked his equipment. All of a sudden a bright light hit him. It appeared to him as the whole sky is filled with this bright light. It happened instantly and Baali failed to cover his eyes. A small portion of this light entered in his eyes and then Baali became unconscious.

His eyes open after two hours. He found himself lying in the forest. This time the forest looks normal. He thought that maybe he was dreaming. But than How he ended up in forest?

He spent his whole day thinking about that incident although he did not disclose it to anyone. He himself was not sure of what happened to him, whether it was dream or imagination. The next night he had a dream where he saw an underground aquifer source of fresh water near the mountain. The next morning, out of curiosity he dig that area and to his surprise he discovered fresh water. He told everyone about it and all the villagers became happy as with a new fresh water source, agricultural irrigation will be easy.

Baali was happy in his life. He and his wife are among those people who are satisfied in whatever they had. Next month he had a dream where he saw that within two days the eastern side of village is going to face land slide. In the morning he informed the Sarpanch about it. Rain had already started and something about it was off. He managed to vacate the eastern area of village and as predicted the village witnessed a terrible rainfall followed by a land slide. Now everyone begins to trust Baali’s dreams. Some even stated that the God is blessing them and Baali is their representative. The news spread quickly. People from every other village come to visit him asking for his prophecies. And just like that he gained respect and wealth in the village.

Now, he is having dreams frequently, each time related to his neighbours, villagers, and other people, sometime even those people who he had never seen came to his dreams. This way a lot of people visit his home with a hope of any prophecy in their favour. Baali was happily helping everyone.

Baali’s work had given him a unique name and people now started addressing him as ‘Prophecy master’. One day he had a dream where he saw that a tsunami hit their village. It destroyed fields, cattle died, people drawn and devastated forest. When Baali wake up, he cried for a minute. The reason behind his tears is that he had also seen his daughter’s dead body. He was determined that he is going to save his daughter. After some days a tsunami wave hit the village and it doesn’t matter how much affords Baali and his wife made. Their daughter had died in front of them.

What appear to be a blessing soon take place of a curse. It took everything from Baali. Their family’s atmosphere filled with stress, guilt and sadness.

Baali, scared of sleep, tried hard to avoid sleep. These days he only saw deaths in his dreams. Whatever made him saw good dreams only desired people’s attentions. When Baali stopped seeing those people, it started showing him deaths. Afraid Baali, tries to avoid death but today sleep felt like the cure of his anxiety. He slept and saw death of his wife. And as predicted she died.

With no hope Baali realized that everything has a price to pay. Nothing unusual come in life free of cost. He shouldn’t have earned wealth from it than maybe it had left in first place.