Anaya is weaving a dream on her tenth birthday party, which is happening on her tree house with her dear family. Everyone is gifting her Barbie dolls to build a Barbie dollhouse like her tree house. A six year old has a dream, which is not an ordinary one. As her cake arrives, her grand father asks her to make a wish and blow the candles. She, with innocence says, “I wish I become a pilot one day” and blows the candle and everyone around. Her father with an astounding voice asks, “Why do you want to become a pilot.”

Her reply is quite surprising to come from a ten-year-old girl’s mouth. She says, “I want to fly high, building a house for people who will leave me because a man will want to marry me. I will love to stay up in the sky and play with nature rather than leaving my parents for a boy.” Her mother has tears in her eyes as the other day she was sharing her wedding story with Anaya. Her mother’s family lives in another state and she does not get to meet them much. Her mother is an only child like Anaya and she promised her parents to look after them even after marriage. Sometimes she feels helpless and wanting to leave everything, run to them and stay with them. Ten years old is able to understand such deep emotions and is overwhelmed.

Seven years passes by and Anaya starts preparing to become a pilot. She is stubborn and determined on her decision to fly an aeroplane. Each day she is devoting more than two-three hours to prepare for her pilot entrance exam. Nothing can come in her way to become a pilot,not even her parents. Every month her father tries to manipulate her not to pursue her dream, as it will create distance between him and Anaya. Each time he fails to succeed, as she is willing to achieve her dream with all her will. Aside from studying, she is working to stay fit as it says “the survival of the fittest”.

A year passes in the preparation of the entrance exam for becoming a pilot. Each day starts with new hopes and excitement to learn and prepare new things. She is preparing to take one-step towards her dream, but becoming a pilot is more than a dream to Anaya. She is yearning for this since past eight years. These eight years means a lot to her as she lives a world where people changes eight career options in eight minutes. She is extremely serious about becoming a pilot.

The day has come, she is moving towards her future and suddenly something crashes. Immediately her parents come and see that Anaya is lying on the floor there is blood on the floor. She has been longing for this day since eight years and her dreams are lying on the floor with blood. Her father who wanted her to stay with him is crying and carrying her in his arms, taking her to the hospitals. After waiting to hours in hospital, doctor comes out and says, “Please come to my cabin.” Her parent’s heart is beating faster than the speed of an airplane with hush. They enter the room with a sober face and controlling their tears in front of the doctor.

As the doctor proceeded to inform why Anaya fell off, her parents lost the track and goes into blues after hearing two words from doctor’s mouth. It is more than hard and complicated for a parent to know that their child suffering from a non-curable disease. Such a disease will eat the person eventually and can only die with the person. They come out of the room and everyone from their family asks them, what the doctor said. They are still in that zone where they are unable to understand even one word coming out of other’s mouth. Both of them hugs each other and cries. Her father then tells the whole family while sobbing that Anaya is suffering from Breast Cancer, also it has reached to other body parts as well. Yes, it is harsh for everyone to believe those words.

Anaya becomes conscious and sees that she is lying on a bed, which is not an ordinary bed. She then feels a lot of pain her hand and sees drip on her hand. She is figuring out that she is inside a hospital lying on a bed instead of sitting inside the examination hall. She shouts but unfortunately, her voice cannot even reach to the other side of the bed. She is screaming, crying, yelping and trying her best to get up from the bed however, unable to get up from the bed. Her father comes in running towards her and hugs her with a helping cry.

She is trying to understand what is going on and why her father is crying, but that is hard to unravel for her. Her mother joins them too and cries with her husband. Anaya gather the courage to ask her parents about their trying faces and mood. Her mother initiates to start a conversation with her, however fails in doing so. Her parents hold their hands, tell her, and by that time Anaya get a little hold about the ongoing situation. Both of them tells her about condition and as always Anaya blows her parents off. She handles herself with grace and utmost maturity.

She says, “What if I have fewer days to live with you both. We will live to the fullest in these few days and will make each day count.” Her parents look into each other’s eyes with proud, as they have raised their daughter in the right ways. As soon as they leave the room as they cannot say with her for long. Anaya starts crying and wishing that she did not want to fly in the sky to meet the god rather wants to stay on the ground to fly her gods into the sky as a pilot.

She never gets to leave the hospital, as her condition gets a bit critical and impossible to cure. Her last words made everyone cry as she says,”I am flying to heaven and Ma, Pa I will take care of you from their. Always miss me as a fighter plane’s pilot as I am fighting hard to stay alive. However, I am always alive in your hearts, I love you.”