It was literally Swetha’s plan to visit the famous Ramoji Rao Film city. More than crossing off a bucket list item, it was her childhood dream come true. She was a sweet princess like any other girl sees herself as, but she never dreamt of charming princess coming to her on a winged unicorn. She always believed in the warm hug and care of her dad which made her mom’s days. Her home was a paradise built with bricks of love, care and trust.

                          She felt like not having enough time with her while roaming around the film city. Although she and her cousins stayed there for a week, she wanted a couple of days more.  And with a heavy heart, she waved goodbye to the magical city of fictions which made many dramatic plots appear true. The car moved through the city traffic in moderate speed level and all of a sudden they realized a common matter. They are starving. Anand, the eldest of the pack and the leader of the trip, suddenly took a sharp U-turn by the divider heading to a popular restaurant where the famous ‘Hyderabad Dum Biriyani’ is served piping hot.

                          As the car entered the parking lot, the four were glancing to each other with the inner voice screaming “Oh my God I’m gonna die eating biriyani”. They went in and found a table for 4. As they sat down Swetha secured her window seat. Not even patient to be served, Shiva, the foodie went to the counter & ordered all they wanted in full portion.s Rakhi, the Drama Queen, asked Swetha to accompany her to the restroom to reapply her makeup worn out by the hot climate and polluted traffic. Rakhi rushed even before Swetha noticed her request as she saw the tables near her’s were brimming with handsome lads who seem to be having lunch amidst their bike tour. Tough, handsome men and drama queen Rakhi – so flirty it’s gonna be. But Swetha sat all lost by the sight of unfortunate kids seated aside their blind & handicapped father who sang random film songs and begged alms to earn their living.

                         Swetha suddenly went to the counter and ordered to parcel three Biriyanis and rushed to the kids. She gave them the food and give 500 Rupees to the man. He was crying when he realized what act of empathy he received. He gave one coin from his alms to Swetha saying “Keep this coin. It has my family’s prayers for you. You will be rewarded for your kindness. God will find you a match made in heaven and the day you get blessed in love; offer this coin to any church or temple as your belief. God bless you my girl.” and he blessed her.

                                             As this plot is running, another person was keenly observing all these besides her table who was a rider in the former told bike tour pack.  Raghav; a chartered accountant by career and a traveler by heart; was so pleased by Swetha’s act of empathy & wanted to meet her. We may say like she stole his heart. But to his astonishment, all Raghav saw was Swetha coming back and digging into her pot of biriyani without any hesitation. He almost burst into laughing but felt good. Many girls preferred to be picky eaters just to show off in front of others. But being oneself without bothering others in a pure sense of mindfulness. Raghav was more impressed and wanted not to disturb Swetha.

                                      The drama queen – as usual began to eat her portion with a fork; throwing a flirty glance at every good looking guy in the scenario. They finished their course and walked out full. Raghav wanted to say a word but the fate made Anand drive fast.

                                         Time passed things changed. As the monsoon poured in Swetha was helpless by standing in front of a coffee shop dripping wet only because she forgot to take her umbrella. She had to decide to wait there till the rain fades. Just like in a fairy tale, Raghav walked out of the coffee shop with his friends Swetha happened to stamp on Raghav’s shoes while moving back to avoid drizzles and Raghav was in pain. Swetha turned over to Raghav and began to apologize. It was a weird moment for Raghav. He was in pain of feet and joy of heart. Raghav stood speechless for a moment and couldn’t take his eyes off Swetha. In a minute he gained his consciousness and accepted her apologies and pacified her. Raghav was looking at her but he knew that she never knew him. Breaking the silence Raghav offered a lift to Swetha to wherever she wanted to go. Being wise to refuse the help of a totally unknown stranger, Swetha answered: “No, thanks !” Raghav walked into his car but couldn’t leave her behind in rain. He found an umbrella in his dashboard.He got an idea. He took a visiting card out of his wallet and the umbrella and walked to Swetha. He said her to take the umbrella so she could walk to the home and return the umbrella to the address in the visiting card Swetha was a bit confused but as it was getting dark she took the umbrella and thanked him – Raghav stood there watching her till she disapproved into the streets.

                          Swetha reached home safely and changed her dripping clothes and warmed herself with a mug of coffee. She suddenly remembered the visiting card given to her by the stranger. She took it out of her purse and checked it out. It read ‘Raghav Vasudevan, Charted Accountant  she checked the address and surprisingly found it near to the street where she staying she decided to return the umbrella with a note of gratitude

                                 The next morning was so important to Raghav as he was so excited hoping Swetha might drop in to return his umbrella. He felt like the world around is turning and he is floating. Swetha was up the next day by 6 and was ready by 8 in the morning, She took the umbrella and a note saying “Grateful to receive your kindness”. She looked herself in the mirror and felt good about herself. She left home and walked down the street. After a few buildings, she managed to find Raghav’s Office. She walked through the gate and found the car in the parking lot. So the address is confirmed. She went to the reception and asked the staff to hand over the umbrella and the note. The staff but surprisingly denied and lead her to the lounge and asked her to wait. Well, its Raghav who told her, so he could meet Swetha again. In seconds Raghav was right in front of her and Swetha smiled at him. She handed over the umbrella and the note saying how thankful she is for receiving kindness. Raghav said she may keep the umbrella and refused to take it back. Swetha insisted that she can’t have a thing that does not belong to her. While fighting for handling over the umbrella, both came to the decision that they’ll have lunch and Raghav will take the umbrella. Soon they burst into laughter.

                                           Raghav walked down the street with Swetha to a restaurant. They found a cozy table seating two and sat down.It was Raghav’s chance to order hence he walked to the counter excusing himself. Meanwhile, Raghav ordered Biriyani with a ring box hidden in Swetha’s biriyani pot soon he joined Swetha leaving no traces of hints.

                                   The order was served and Swetha was happy to see her favorite biriyani. As she served herself she noticed the ring box. She asked Raghav what is going on. Raghav told her the whole story that he first saw Swetha at Hyderabad with helping the needy and her passion for biriyani. He also said he fell in love with her at the first sight of empathy.

                                     Swetha was silent and she asked for a moment with her. She walked out of the restaurant and looked on both sides. Raghav was confused but remained silent.She found a chapel by the corner and asked him to accompany her. she stood in front of the chapel and opened her purse and dropped the coin the man gave her that day. She then explained what the man said that day and about the coin. She also said Raghav that she wanted to go back and have the biriyani& She will not return the ring and umbrella as they are hers now. Raghav was on cloud nine. As he put the ring, the rain poured.They walked in one umbrella to the restaurant with the ring  sparkling at Swetha’s finger.