2 booths, 2 stuffed animals; rabbits, fall in love. 


Once there were two pick-up-game’s booth stalls in a carnival. One coin, one chance was the deal. One booth had blue colored stuffed rabbits and the other had pink rabbits. Among the blue rabbits there was one who was really sweet and sensitive. He would always sit up looking at the pink booth where there was a beautiful rabbit.

Although she mainly kept to herself only but sometimes when she would spot the blue rabbit staring at her from across the booth, she would blush and shy away.

The rabbits used to play all day long in their booths till someone came to pick them up. The pink rabbit had many friends and played a lot to and the blue rabbit was content on just watching her until the last day of the carnival arrived. Finally the blue rabbit gathered up all his courage and decided to confess his feelings to her.

The blue rabbit waved both his hands and ears to get the attention of the pink rabbit and when she noticed, they quickly moved to the end of the booth. But no matter how hard the blue rabbit tried, his voice could not reach the pink rabbit through the glass walls. They kept trying till they suddenly noticed the pick-up hook hovering over the pink rabbit.

The blue rabbit watched helplessly as the hook took her and a little girl outside the booth jumped with joy and started hugging the pink rabbit. The blue rabbit’s ears hung low as started giving up hope, he had lost her and now she was gone forever. The worst part; he didn’t get to say what he wanted to say.

“Mommy I want a blue one too!” the little girl outside was shrieking with joy.

“Ok” her mother replied and gave her a coin, “Just one more”


Seeing this as a chance, the blue rabbit wasted no time and stationed himself at the best possible position and waited to get picked-up. As expected the hook came for him and he caught on effortlessly.

The pink rabbit outside closed her eyes and prayed that his efforts be fruitful. Just when hope started growing back, the hook shook and he slipped out from between it.

“Mommy mommy once more!” the little girl started pleading her mother but her mother’s decision was firm. Maybe this was the end of the line thought the blue rabbit and crawled in a corner as he watched the pink rabbit in the little girl’s hand.

The other blue rabbits who had been seeing and observing everything for a long time now fel bad for the two and came with a plan. One of them knocked on the glass to attract the kid’s attention while the others started lining up. One on top of the other, soon they formed a staircase of rabbits which the little girl and the other rabbits watched with awe.

The last rabbit in the staircase caught on to the opening from where the toys are taken out and all the rabbits looked over to our little blue rabbit, who couldn’t believe his eyes,  and signaled him to climb over and run out. Even if his eyes were made up of just buttons, he couldn’t stop a tear from appearing at the edge. But he wasted no more time and quickly climbed up and jumped.

The little girl who had been watching everything picked him up and stared at him for a while and then hugged him as tight as she could. It seemed like she a two new friends.

As the turned around and starting walking away with her mother, the two rabbits looked over from her shoulders and thanked the other rabbits who were bidding them a happy farewell.

“So what I wanted to say back there-“ The blue rabbit started but got interrupted.

“Was probably what I wanted to say too” the pink rabbit ended.

Both the rabbits smiled and lived happily ever after.