The wave of Love is the very basis of this existence. Over centuries, many authors and poets have defined this feeling of unconditional love in their own ways. 
This story is my imagination of how all the imperfections wither away when two people fall in love. 
Krishang Malhotra, the young business tycoon and Kritika Chopra, a lecturer by profession are imperfect in their own ways but their story will be enough to bring the perfect smile on your faces. Join them in their journey of the 'Perfectly Imperfect Love' 


Chapter 1


The multimillionaire businessman?

The successful young face?

Here , I stand in front of something I have never bothered to stare at, like others of my age did , for as long as my memory recollects.

‘Mirror mirror on the wall,

You failed to show a person I desired to see

I failed to stare at a person you reflected as me!!!!


I take my eyes slightly above on the wall clock. It has been an hour of me gaping at the person on the other side. He is definitely not the one I once met every day after the morning shower.

The loose mustard yellow shirt , folded sleeves with tight fitted denims are in stark contrast with the well suited tie and blazer combo with formal trousers. His unkempt untidy hairstyle compete with the former properly combed neatly placed hair. His hand smoothly caresses his hair as if trying to settle their newly discovered excitement. 

His eyes sparkle with the shine of ecstasy and abundance. His lips curve into the most contented smile as if he has found everything that he has desired for in his life.

The glow on his face is unmatched and unfathomable. I somewhat know the person yet he seems unrecognizable. Had it been somebody else, he would have been a subject of my envy but this metamorphosis was from Mr Krishang Malhotra to Krish , in words of Kritika, the love of my life !!!

The feeling of LOVE had swept over me and my life has taken a three sixty degree turn.

Love, words can never be enough to describe how I feel right now but if someone still asks me


I feel like those children,

      Who just wrote their last test.

I feel like those adventurers,

       Excited to climb the Everest.

I feel like the senior citizen,

      Who got his much awaited pension.

I feel like a seeker on The path,

      Who got rid of all his tension.

I feel like those death fearing hostages,

     Who have just been set free.

I feel like a light is lit in the darkest room,

The light of love to drive away any gloom!!!

The relief, satisfaction, happiness, excitement, and love weigh far too much to be expressed by the brevity of my words.     

The person who has just now blabbered so much about love was once averse even to the slightest mention of it. Yes I was once an ignorant fool who threw the delicious ice cream away without even tasting a bit of it. Now that I know it, I owe my life to the person who made me experience the most beautiful feeling in the world, Kritika!

The historic confession took place just a few hours ago and the feeling is yet to sink in but memories are made and plenty of them are yet to be made!

We both were tough nuts to crack, so destiny cracked us together by making us bang into each other. Though, it was a little difficult for us, the sight of two educated professional pulling each other’s hair(sometimes quite literally) did crack up the people around us!

Signing off for today!