Four years ago, I was in the seventh grade. The summer was over, and I went to school the next day. That day was very worthless; I did not feel like anything. I was sleeping on the bench at the time a new girl came into the class. And I see him seeing him. I thought I felt that I fell in love with him, but I thought that he and I gradually began to have an infection. I reached the eighth grade two, three months later and tried to talk to him slowly. After that, gradually, a lot of work started to chat on WhatsApp, and when I went to the ninth grade, the classes were running online. When I came to the tenth grade when he came to the tenth grade when she came to the same excuse, she did not hide anything that I did not hide anything secret, and she also told me a lot of secrets. My day also started on the same day, and I was always waiting for his message to come. I started feeling very good. She started to keep my attention, and as soon as my health was bad, she always talked to me to make me feel good. She used to scold me sometimes because I did not read all my subjects. She helped me, and I liked it. I was very happy with his smile. Slowly crossed the tenth class and the tenth board examination. The last exam was the day when she was called to meet me, but I went to visit another place with friends because I had not talked to him for two or three months. I did not even message that she would feel bad, but after two to three months, she sent a message and called. And said that she talked to me. She was very sad. I also told him that I did not send a message about it because you felt bad. Everything was going well. In 11th grade, I chose commerce, and she chose science. I was very sad. But after a few days, after the miracle of God, he came to commerce from science, and I became so happy that I cannot tell. I thought I would have to tell her my feelings for her, but I can’t because his family is very strict. 11th grade has also crossed 11th grade. In the last examination of 11th, she told me that she was already in a relationship and the boy is of science. I became unhappy. Then I started remembering my time, and I started to talk to him. I also thought that the boy was my friend. Then I thought that I was going to move to another city. After 2 years, she got a call from the new number, and I picked up the call. I was sleeping and said, on where I do not meet nowadays, “Where are the voices? I don’t think anyone is joking. Then I cut the call. Then, once the call came and she called me to meet quickly, I recognised that she had the voice and was quickly ready to go there. As soon as she taught me and said, “Why did you change the number and the city”. I did not say that just suddenly my family sent me to the city. Then I asked him, and everything was right. She said, “No, she always misses me, but you were not in front of me”. Then I courageously told him that I loved him. She knew that you loved me a lot. Then that boy with whom you were in a relationship broke up with me after a month; he was just for the time being. Well, and tell “what? Just spend all my life with you.” And similarly, my one-sided story ended.