You know how life is! Unexpected, unpredictable, and anonymous. It’s like our lives are forever in incognito mode nobody knows what’s going on apart from you. All the deepest darkest secrets are kept secure in your secret locker, your heart. Which you show to only a handful of people or the ones you call your inner circle. They know it all!

As a girl in her early 20s, I see the world differently. I mean, everybody has their perspective on living. But there’s one thing I can bet on that is similar for everybody, and that is a special someone with whom you can be you, with zero filters. Putting it simply, imagine a world with only you and your special one. No hesitation, no boundaries, no toxicity. Just love, affection, and the joy of togetherness.

I know you might think this is all a fantasy and a fake reality we all want to be a part of. But you cannot deny that you desire this fabrication to become a reality one day. A person with whom you can be you, the one with whom you can share everything without hesitating, the one with whom you can be intimate. Don’t you?

As an aspiring youth, I want to follow my dreams, yet I cannot let myself not explore the other side of this garden, alias life. A garden in full bloom, bearing the flowers of the purest feeling, of love.

I know it can be hurtful, distressing, and upsetting. But am I not supposed to give myself a chance, am I not supposed to consider myself a visitor to the garden, or am I the one to be by the herbaceous borders?

Do you know how there’s a king and a queen in a fairytale? Well, of course, I am the queen of my story, but I never regretted the absence of my king.

But things change.

As of now, it’s like I don’t own my story anymore. Absurd right? I felt the same way after seeing him for the first time.

His gentle touch makes me shiver, his voice makes me quiver, and his glance makes me wanna dive into the deep ocean of his hazelnut eyes. I feel like I am a part of the garden now, or my story might also have a happy ending.

But soon enough, I had a realization about my king’s desires, his wants, and his fancies. Which, to be clear, are very opposite to mine. But still, there’s something that is holding me back. What is it?

This is one thing I often ask myself, and I am mostly left with the conclusion that this might be love. This fairytale is indeed a complicated one for me. But here I am again, hoping for good and looking for that ray of sunshine where I can finally choose the best for me.

I don’t know! It’s too much to think at once. Because you never know what might come your way, I believe one should always be ready for a surprise.

I will not bore you more with my thoughts, but before I sign out, I would like to ask something. Do you fear exploring the other side of the garden as well? Furthermore, do you think it is as beautiful as we expect it to be?

Or am I doing right holding onto that ray of hope?