“Good morning I said as I closed the door behind me.” A head of soft white hair moved about and I saw those warm brown eyes peek at me from under the covers. “Oh Bethany it’s you. It’s so good to see you again dear” she answered back in a frail voice, a smile adorning her pale, old face. 

I smiled back as I placed her tray of food in front of her. “So how are you feeling today” “I feel fine dear, although I could use a walk outside” she said as she turned her head to take in the sunlight that entered her hospital room through the window. 

“I’m sure we can arrange that.” I assured her as she brought her attention back to me, her eyes glazed. “Now please do finish your breakfast and I’ll be right back with your medicines.” I said as I began walking back towards the door. Shutting the door behind me, my body immediately fell back on the door for support and I could feel the tears resurfacing. 

“You’re doing all you can Rebecca” I heard the familiar voice of Dr Walters from behind me. I wiped off my tears as I tried to stand steady on my own two feet. “How long is this going to go doctor. Will she ever remember me again?” I said looking at him. “We can’t promise anything Rebecca but we won’t stop trying. You have to stay strong. For her” he said as he placed the prescription in my hand, his other hand falling on my shoulder in an attempt to comfort me. 

I nodded.

“I’m starting a new treatment for her. We have high hopes on this one” I nodded again as he removed his hand from my shoulder. 

I clutched the paper tightly as I leaned on the closed door behind me. I will get you back one day mom. I promise.