Do you guys know how everything happens in life? you might wonder why goods happen to only bad persons and vice versa. this sounds very obvious question in everyone’s life. let me tell you why does this happens. As we all know this world is handled by god. god had planned everything for everyone. everyone pays karma in this life only. difference is bad people get rewards of there previous karma in one go and good people get rewards for there karma slowly by slowly that’s because god wants us to teach how this world actually is and so that we can face our own problems in future even when there is no one for us. 

As a teenager i didn’t knew that reality of this world but as i grew older i got to know about the reality of this world, the universal truth that is one and only god. he is always there for everyone in every situation. you just have to trust his process. i know these all are very common things to say but not everyone can convert these into words.

krishna says this process of death and birth is only a myth. one who got to know this thing becomes the successful person in life. you must have seen Mahabharat. does anyone ever wonder why duryodhan got to become king of hastinapur even he dosen’t deserve to be there ? that’s all planned my dear guys . krishna has got everthing planned for us.every person have god inside them it’s just one have to recongnise the inner krishna of themselves. you are saver of yourselves . noone can hurt you until and unless you allow them to. noone can know you until and unless you let them know yourselves. you are friend of yourselves . listen to your heart . talk to yourself a day rather than talking to people. spend time with yourself . one day you will automatically realise this. give priority to yourselves. god will never leave you he is always with you. he is already residing inside you from your birth to death and even after death he is with you. hope this article touches your heart. spreading good deads.