This story is about a girl named Swati whose misconception about men is rectified after she is chased down by a dumb boy, who has no ill intention for her.


One breezy night ,Swati  was on her way to home after her dance class as usual. But she didn’t know, that night would be very unusual to her for the first time after going few yards ahead. She was walking down the street all alone as her driver had not picked her up from the dance class. She was a well matured girl in her late teenage, therefore, she was strong enough to go to her home alone. But the only thing that haunted her then was she had not been alone on such deserted street at night before. Even then she held her nerves to move on.

While walking she heard her cell phone buzzing inside the handbag, and  thought to receive the call. She took a halt at a chowk where she could see some people hanging around. Swati received the call hesitantly as it read ‘Mom Calling’.

“Where have you been dear, did Sunil pick you up?”,asked her mom anxiously.

“No mom. Sunil didn’t come but I can come myself and will reach in an hour”, said Swati with confidence.

“Okay, but catch up an auto-rickshaw so that you reach bit early as rain would come anytime”, said her mom.

“Ahhh…you need not worry, I am no more a baby and will take an auto if I get”, She cut the call after these words.

Suddenly her eyes moved on to a boy, who was resting against the wall ,having some puffs of cigarette, and, staring her while she was looking for an auto.

Swati waited there for some time but not a single rickshaw could she find. She turned back to see if that boy was gone,  got scared then as his gaze got more intensified upon Swati. This had hit her soul of confidence, finally she decided to leave the place at once.

Walking with frightened soul Swati tried to ignore the guy many times but she couldn’t help herself with that stoned gaze. In the mid of the walk she came across a gang of boys indulged in taking ‘Gaanja’ by the side of the street. In return those boys gave such a scary glance that could strip off her clothes with wicked smiles again and again. This made her heart racing and feet go as fast as they could then.

When she was few blocks from her apartment, took a short-cut to escape any man coming her way. As Swati moved into the lane, she heard a very different voice that came from her back. Her fist got tightened with fear and started to shiver. She gave a side glance despite turning her head and felt someone after her. Then she ran on vigorously to save herself, also, turning back every few steps to see the man. And what happened next was very unfortunate, Swati toppled over the road as her feet lost their balance.

She couldn’t get up quickly that moment and shouted aloud, ”Please help me somebody”, with tears oozing out from her eyes.

But no one came to her rescue .Closer the man came to her, she raised her voice even higher. The moment the man came to her face, she got to see his face clearly under the light coming from the lamppost. She was left startled since it was the same man whom she saw at the chowk.

Swati yelled at him, ”What do you want….Why are you chasing me?”

The boy tried to speak to her but couldn’t as he was dumb since his birth. He produced her an ‘Aadhar Card’ that had Swati Sharma written on it. She looked for the card in her bag but it wasn’t there. She took a big sigh to release her tense and collected her card from him and added with deep embarrassing tone, ”Thank you for getting me my card back…..and I am extremely sorry for what I thought about you”. The boy said with his small hand gestures that she dropped her card on the ground by mistake while taking out  phone from her bag, and, he had come all along only to return it as she would face problems without that identity card.

Swati was all praise for his unforgettable help and felt extremely embarrassed .This strange meeting with that boy changed her mind for the entire life, that there are also men who are helpful and respectful to women.


“Don’t judge a man unless you know him personally”