During the flood times in chennai, two people have got an important assignment to be completed. They take immense measures to complete the task. What happens next is the story of “A Twisted Tale”

Chapter One: The Challenge
Date: 2, December 2015
Place: Chennai

Time : Evening 4 O Clock
“Due to continuous heavy rainfall, Chennai got flooded everywhere. People were trying to move to safer areas. Houses got washed away. “
It was O.S.Sekaran’s house.

He was in his personal room having a conversation through the phone.
O.S.Sekaran said,” Hey, Somachandran! We are running out of time; we should have done it already”
On the other end, his office assistant Somachandran Kavam, was speaking.

O.S.Sekaran was a Manager in Bhoi Consultants private limited.
People liked to call him with his initial “O.S.

Their association was for more than 5 years.

Together they controlled the total financial out turns of their company. The Company had a team of Board of Directors also, but many of them were in North India.

At Chennai, they had only one of the Directors, Mr. Beemanathan.

Beemanathan was 55 years old and he signed the cheques and bills, prepared by the manager in a matter of trust.

Thus O.S.Sekaran and Somachandran Kavam had freedom in operating funds of the Chennai office.

By Preparing fake bills stole company’s funds and used it for their personal expenses.

Beemanathan was unaware of this fraudulence.

Their partnership faced a new kind of challenge on the 2nd of December 2015 as Chennai got flooded. Their office located in Boshak Nagar was also flooded. Their office was a building of ground plus one floor.

In the first floor, they had an iron safety locker in that room.

They had an office cash of 35 lakhs inside that safety locker.

The surrounding area was full of water up to a 5 Kilometre circumference.

In Boshak Nagar, water was till ground floor on that day.
Now their job was to move the cash to a safer location where water will not reach. Many locations had frequent power cuts and people were not even able to charge their mobiles.

People who were beyond the city limits only had electricity power supply.

Beemanathan called O.S.Sekaran to know about the status of the office cash just a few minutes ago.

On Hearing that cash was in Boshak nagar, Beemanathan yelled at Sekaran.
That is why now Sekaran was talking with Somachandran

Both of them were at their homes trying to plan a strategy to move the office cash to a safer place.
Somachandran said, “let us hire a motor boat and recover the cash.”

O.S.Sekaran asked,” Whom Do you suggest taking with you in Motor Boat?”

Somachandran answered,” Hmmm…I will take Sinthaimurugan and two helpers”

O.S.Sekaran said, “Have you spoke to him?”

Somachandran said,” yes sir”

O.S.Sekaran asked,” Ok then act immediately, the Boss is yelling at me”
Somachandran asked,” sir, after recovering it, where will we take it?”

O.S.Sekaran said,” Take it to the guest house in Maduranthagam, which is 86 km from Chennai”
Somachandran said,” Oh..! Ok “
O.S.Sekaran said, “Until Pallavaram, use the boat and after that”

O.S.Sekaran said,”mmm…you arrange a car”
Somachandran said,” yes sir that would be a better idea”
O.S.Sekaran said,” I will send one more guy Sujaypradeep”

“He will join you from pallavaram” said O.S.Sekaran
Somachandran said,” Ok Sir”


Chapter 2: Crooked Minds

Place: Boshak Nagar, Chennai

Date: 2nd December 2015

Time: Evening 6.30 p.m.

Somachandran, Sinthaimurugan, and two helpers were travelling in a Motorboat.

Somachandran carried a travel bag, rain covers, and toolkits for their process.

They reached the Bhoi consultants Office. And as they expected, the ground floor of the building got flooded.

Somachandran relieved that they got to the place in the right time.

The helpers climbed up the balcony and tied a rope from there to hang on the boat which was down.

Somachandran used that rope to climb up and Sinthaimurugan stayed down in the boat.


After reaching the first floor, he asked the helpers to stay in the balcony and he went inside the office.

The Office room was dark, as there was no electricity supply.

Hence he used the torch which he had brought with him.
After a while, he reached the safety locker.

Somachandran relaxed,” Thank God! Water has not reached this level until now.”

He opened the locker and found the amount safe in it.

He transferred the cash into a tight polyethylene bag and wrapped up two more covers over that.

Then he placed the full package into his travel bag.

After that Somachandran looked all over the place around for one time and then he came out.

To his surprise, the helpers took an iron rod and hit Somachandran in his head.

“Ahh..!” Yelled Somachandran in pain and fell down.
The Helpers took the bag and got down through the rope.

The Motor Boat flew away.

Chapter 3: The Realization

Place: Boshak Nagar

Date: 2nd December 2015

Time: Night 8.30 p.m.

Somachandran got consciousness and woke up. He realized what has happened. Sinthaimurugan and his helpers had stolen the money from him. His head got injured.
His heart got beating at a faster rate. He took his mobile phone and called O.S.Sekaran.

O.S.Sekaran answered the call, “Hello..! Somachandran…where were you, man, I have been calling you many times”

Somachandran answered,” Sir, we got cheated”

O.S.Sekaran exclaimed, “What?”

Somachandran said,”Sinthaimurugan and his helpers attacked me and took off the money”

O.S.Sekaran shouted,” What…You irresponsible fellow!”

Somachandran said,” Sir, I did not expect that they would do so”

O.S.Sekaran said,” Hey! What answer can I say to our boss?”

Somachandran said, “Sir…It is the plan of this Sinthaimurugan”

O.S.Sekaran said, “Why did you inform him that you are going to recover the money?”
Somachandran said,” No Sir! I did not inform him”

O.S.Sekaran said, “Then how did he know it?”
Somachandran said,” I don’t know sir…it is unbelievable…how could have he known it?”

O.S.Sekaran said, “Where are you now?”
Somachandran said, “I am at our office sir, please help me out! Flood is also expected tonight”

O.S.Sekaran said,” Ok be there I will get back to you”

They cut the phone call.

O.S.Sekaran called Bheemanathan

Bheemanathan answered the call, “Hello”

O.S.Sekaran said, “Sir…we have a bad news and an emergency”

Bheemanathan asked, “What?”

O.S.Sekaran said,” Sinthaimurugan and his helpers attacked our Somachandran”

“They took the money away from him and ran off” said O.S.Sekaran

Bheemanathan astonished, “What? You people are irresponsible man!”
Bheemanathan shouted, “How could you have allowed it to happen?”

O.S.Sekaran said, “Sir it was a flood situation…we took those guys for help”

Bheemanathan said, “You don’t have any other loyal people?”

O.S.Sekaran said, “Sir, it was an emergency situation, we had no other option”

Bheemanathan asked, “What is your next plan?”

O.S.Sekaran said,” we will go for a Police complaint?”

Bheemanathan said, “No other go, but can they help us now because Chennai got flooded?”
O.S.Sekaran said, “Yes sir these thieves will elope somewhere”
Bheemanathan said, “Send some people to this Sinthaimurugan house and search”
O.S.Sekaran said,” Yes sir that would be a good idea, I will do it immediately”
Chapter 4: The Escape

Place: Pallavaram

Date: 2nd December 2015
Time: 10.30 p.m.

Sinthaimurugan was hiding in a hut in a slum area. He was packing the money with his luggage. He gave a share to the helpers.
A car came and stopped out of his hut.

Inside the car, was his partner.

He entered the car with his luggage and said, “Hello my partner Sujaypradeep! How are you?”

He said, “I am fine Sinthai, how are you?”

Sujaypradeep said, “I am fine”
Sinthaimurugan said,” what are our big bosses doing? Searching for money?”
Sujaypradeep said, “Yes  …maybe”

Sinthaimurugan said,”O.S.Sekaran is a fraud man! We can cheat him, it is not a sin”

Sujaypradeep said,”Somachandran kavam should go to hell, man! He deserves it”

Sinthaimurugan said, “Altogether we should be the gainers”

Sujaypradeep said,” Yes your honour”

Their car started and it moved away from Pallavaram.

Chapter 5: The Fortunate Thieves

Date: 3rd December 2015

Place: Bheemanathan’s Residency

Time: Morning 11 O Clock

A call came from an Unknown number to Bheemanathan.

He answered, “Hello”

The Other end replied, “Hello sir, this is Inspector Sharath speaking”

Bheemanathan said, “Yes…sir tell me”

Inspector Sharath said, “Sir we have an accident near picheeswarar temple in the G.S.T road”

Bheemanathan said,”Ok…how am I connected with this?”
Inspector Sharath said,” two people are dead here”

“And it seems they are your ex-employees “Said Sharath

Bheemanathan said,” What are their names?”

Inspector Sharath said, “It is Sinthaimurugan and Sujaypradeep sir”

Bheemanathan exclaimed,”Oh my god! They eloped with the company’s funds last night”

Inspector Sharath said,”Oh…I am sorry sir, the car has burnt by the fuel spillage”

Bheemanathan said,”Oh! Then the company’s money?”

Inspector Sharath said,” We don’t know about that, we traced you by means of a damaged record found here”

Bheemanathan said, “My Goodness, we are having a bad time sir”

Inspector said, “Sir, have you given a complaint?”

Bheemanathan said, “Not yet sir”

Inspector said, “Sir first lodge your complaint sir!”

Bheemanathan said,”Ok Sir, thanks for the information, I will call you later”
Inspector Sharath cut his phone call. Sharath was in his car sitting with two of his assistants.

In their hands, they had a travel bag, Money was safe in it.

It was nothing else than Somachandran’s package.

Outside their car, on the road side, it was a residue of an accident spot

As he said, Sinthaimurugan and Sujaypradeep were dead, but the car did not burn.

The Assistants of Sharath came out of their car and burnt the car of Sujaypradeep.

The dead bodies and the car burnt together.

Inspector Sharath said, “My dear friends, God has made an accident, we did not kill them”

Others nodded, “Yes Sir”
Sharath said,” We just burnt them for our benefit man”
Others accepted, “Yes Sir”
“Ok! Let’s move… I hate this place man…let the real police come and take care of the rest” said Sharath.20161220_102208-1

Others smiled and the car moved away.
Events happen everywhere along the running time. One event happens as luck to one person, whereas the same turns out to be a misfortune for another person.