Hey, You look upset. What’s wrong?

I lost her, and I don’t think she will ever come back(starts sobbing)

Oh no! I am so sorry! I didn’t realise, I should have been more gentle while asking!

No no….It’s just, I miss her a lot and every time she is mentioned, I remember all the beautiful moments we had spent together! I never knew we would have such an abrupt ending.

Hey I get it, it’s a touchy subject! You guys were in love

Very much, (again starts crying, this time , a lil more loudly).

Please, keep courage, I don’t know how to console you. All I can say is you must not lose your spirits. Things will get better for you soon, I hope and pray!

That’s very kind of you! I think I need the company of a friend very badly, I have never talked to anyone since she left!

I am here for you…don’t feel alone

You know, she was the best thing I ever had in my life, the most beautiful being I ever beheld. That little apartment of ours was the abode of all our sweet memories. She was perfection. She knew all the tricks of love. She knew how to make her man feel like the luckiest human being on earth! Oh I could go on and on about her!

Oh, I could read in your eyes the way you loved each other! Bdw would u care to explain what happened between u guys or….god forbid, did something happen to her?

She just left, I have no more to say. It was a fine day, we were taking a stroll in the park near our house. We were looking at the clear blue sky when we suddenly got interrupted by a familiar voice. I turned back and happened to see an old friend of mine standing there. I asked my baby to wait, I will be back in a few mins. After a while, when I returned, Nora was not there. I called her, shouted, asked people if they had seen her but to no avail, she was nowhere to be found,she was gone. I went back to our house hoping to find her there, as it was her usual way to leave me without informing me when she was upset. But I would always find her. This time I could  not, I knew… i knew that I have lost her forever…my worst fear came true( weeps)…

Oh but isn’t it strange that she left you all of a sudden without any reason,something feels off about this whole scenario. Leaving your guy like that, under strange circumstances without warning. If she loved you she would not think of leaving you!

I feel that, from the past few days,she was behaving differently, she wasn’t what she used to be, she would get angry at little things, she would provoke me to fight with her, as if she was trying to create a reason to leave me. I was too much in love to notice these changes in her behaviour!

No no it’s not your fault if it didn’t work out. She doesn’t know what she has lost!

Maybe I should have been more careful and affectionate. Maybe my efforts were not enough. She would always pamper me, oh i miss her touch. I miss running my fingers in her silky smooth hair, I miss how she would wrap her small legs around my neck. She would lick my face and bite me gently till she wasn’t satisfied! I would always be at her mercy, her way of loving me was sensual, like every guy wants to be!

(Getting awkward) uhhh…..this is so poignant and ummm well….i feel so bad for u i really do….I hope u cope up with this phase soon.

I just hope she is happy wherever she is!

Was it a casual relationship or a serious one?

Oh it started with casual but was getting serious… I picked her from the street ,.we were moving fast…and I dreamt of a forever with her!

Wait, what???? A street??? A street??? Are you kidding me,how can you ?? I don’t understand. I am confused

Why, I said I picked her up from the street that leads to my house, why such a strange reaction!! I had a serious relationship with her in the sense that we got closer quite quickly and casual because I knew she was a well bred cat and would not be able to live in the environment that I brought her in. Her species was different u know!

A cattttt!!!!!! You were talking about a cat???? All this while you were talking about a cat???

Oh yess what else would I talk of? You know I love cats and Nora was one of a kind!

– –

What’s wrong with you???

Uhh nothing nothing…. I think I am having a seizure, I need to go…catch up with u later….byeee….( runs away as fast as he could)!