I really inspire by my past. I was break down many times but my father gives me power to grow up in life and  forget all tension in life, because negativity in life never gives a second chance to improve our life. Double chance means our negativity is pushed by positivity that i can do anything without someone interferring in my life n regulation. For example I gave neet 2021 examination but i was not qualified it, I was so upset and come in depression my father that time told me that success never come in life by one time it give many chance to build our skill my moving on not by give down in life. So I decide to comeout from my depression n managing time for studing, yoga n enjoy tension free life without any negativity in my surrounding world. If people are blaming you for any reason forget them that they are present in your world , if u forget them then no chance of become depression by any pressure given by anyone on your mind. If u fill down then in front on mirror say that u can do it any thing can possible on life. I have many problem in my life but I never give up from that because by facing them we can do any thing we know that we have more power to hold many problems in life in one hand and we can not dependent on other to fullfil our dream . Dream are our so we have to become more successful in life without any depression or by work under any pressure of person to get freely life like a bird no one can catch them . Parents are only who gives you power to build you in life never forget them in life they lives for you so you must  give respect and never give down in front of anyone. 


  1. Nancy Sharma

    This text is a powerful reminder of the importance of resilience, positivity, and self-belief. It encourages readers to find strength in their past, embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and cultivate a mindset of independence and determination. By sharing their personal journey, the author inspires others to overcome obstacles, pursue their dreams, and lead a fulfilling life filled with success and happiness. The author of this text shares their inspiring journey, highlighting the valuable role their father played in their life. The author firmly believes that dwelling on negativity never allows for a second chance at improving one’s life. The author recounts their experience of not qualifying in the NEET 2021 examination, which left them feeling upset and depressed. However, their father reminded them that success often requires multiple attempts and that they should focus on enhancing their skills. During moments of self-doubt, the author encourages positive self-talk by looking in the mirror and affirming their capabilities. Although they have faced numerous challenges, they refuse to give up, understanding that by confronting difficulties head-on, they become stronger and more capable. The author expresses deep gratitude towards their parents, particularly their father, for instilling strength and resilience within them. This text inspires readers to embrace a positive mindset, embrace challenges, and believe in their own abilities. It reminds us that we hold the power to shape our lives and should never underestimate the impact of parental support.