While watching the television with widely open eyes in surprise, Little Dio said, “Mumma I also wanna walk on TV in pretty dresses like these pretty ladies.” Hearing this Mother Dio passed a cookie to her cutiepie, saying, “Well, these pretty ladies are called fashion models sweetie and they are dressed like this to showcase the hardwork and talent of a fashion designer.”

Little Dio munching over her cookies curiously asked, “So mumma, when can I become a model?” 

Seeing her curiousity and smiling at her innocence Mother Dio explained, “This is a job that requires a lot of hardwork. You would have to follow some rules, your diet would be planned, you would have to exercise to stay fit, would have to follow skincare routines, undergo various show practices and would definitely have to be an adult sweetie.”

Hearing all this, Little Dio was a bit confused as she asked, “But Mumma they are just walking front and back on the stage.”

Mother Dio clearing her doubts explained, “They are walking in a particular manner which is an art and requires practice to master. Each of these pretty ladies have been selected from many other pretty ladies to walk on the stage. They all have a passion for fashion and a fire within them that’s making them shine.”

“Oooo Mumma fire! They must be hot then, won’t the clothes catch fire? Oh, and does that mean they can’t even have one cookie?” 

Mother Dio replied with a humble smile, “Sweetheart, the fire within them is the fuel to their hard work and helps them stay safe from the cold storm of failure.” Waiting for mumma to answer her cookie question, little Dio looks forward to her mother, “and well, yes they can eat a cookie but only after eating the veggies!” 

Image Courtesy: Miracle Ayat


  1. Pratham

    Review of the Short Story “Little Dio and Fashion Models”

    Opening statement:
    “Little Dio and Fashion Models” is a charming and innocent short story that explores the aspirations of a young child and the realities of the fashion industry. In this review, I aim to analyze the story’s strengths and weaknesses, offering constructive feedback to enhance its impact and potential.

    “Little Dio and Fashion Models” is a contemporary fiction short story set in a domestic environment. The story revolves around Little Dio, a curious child who expresses a desire to become a fashion model after watching them on television. The interaction between Little Dio and Mother Dio serves as a vehicle to convey the challenges and dedication required in the modeling profession.

    The story effectively captures the innocence and curiosity of a child’s perspective, creating a relatable and endearing protagonist in Little Dio. The dialogue between Little Dio and Mother Dio adds authenticity to the narrative, reflecting the innocence and simplicity of a mother-child conversation. The story also highlights the hard work, passion, and discipline necessary for success in the fashion industry, offering a valuable lesson to young readers.

    While the story successfully presents a delightful exchange between Little Dio and Mother Dio, it lacks a distinct plot or significant conflict to fully engage the reader. Additionally, the pacing of the story could be improved by expanding on certain elements, such as the selection process for models or the emotional journey of Little Dio.

    Constructive Feedback:
    To enhance the story’s impact, consider incorporating a compelling plot twist or introducing a dilemma that Little Dio must overcome. This could add depth to the story and increase reader engagement. Furthermore, expanding on the emotional journey of Little Dio, such as her growing passion for fashion or her dedication to learning the art of walking on stage, would create a more immersive reading experience. Additionally, refining the dialogue to reflect the age and maturity of Little Dio could further strengthen the authenticity of the characters.

    “Little Dio and Fashion Models” presents an endearing portrayal of a child’s aspirations and the dedication required in the fashion industry. The story successfully captures the innocence of Little Dio and the loving bond between Mother Dio and her child. With some improvements to the plot development and character depth, the story has the potential to resonate more deeply with readers of all ages. Overall, the story showcases the author’s ability to create relatable characters and deliver an engaging narrative. I encourage the author to continue exploring their writing skills and to consider the feedback provided to further enhance their storytelling abilities.

  2. Naina Singh

    While the story definitely teaches us the valuable lesson of having passion for the work that you do, in this case, modelling, it lacks in consistency. The child, Little Dio, is obviously a naturally inquisitive child, and her nature is further nurtured by her mother, who is a model parent. Little Dio’s mother does not back down from answering her questions, which highlights how important it is for a parent to feed their child’s curiosity. Overall, the story has obviously been created with the intention of imparting vital lessons. However, as said before, it reads as if it has been written by someone with a poor grasp of the English language. It’s either that, or the author is a ten year old. With a little bit of refinement, this particular story could be something special.