Once in jungle there lived a Monkey with his family. A father monkey, a mother monkey and a baby monkey. Nearby the same jungle there was a river. In that river there was a crocodile. The crocodile and its family were all alone.

As we all know that crocodile is very harmful and it can harm us to a very great extent. So likewise the monkey and his family were also very afraid of the crocodile. But one day when the monkey and his family was sitting on the banana tree the crocodile came under the tree and stared at the monkey. The monkey was very afraid and started jumping from one tree to another tree. The crocodile was also following him and finally when the monkey stopped jumping from the trees the crocodile who was staring the monkey now started to talking with him. The crocodile shared with monkey that the crocodile is alone and wants to do friendship with the monkey and his family. The monkey was all shocked but then the monkey did friendship with the crocodile.

Now as the monkey and crocodile became friends the monkey was now not afraid of the crocodile and they have now become good friends. Every day the crocodile came to monkey and they would share the things with each other, play with each other and have fun. The monkey would climb the trees and throw the banana’s down. The crocodile would have the bananas. The monkey also would give some bananas for the crocodile’s family. The crocodile would than take the banana’s home and give it to the family. They would happily have it.

One day the crocodile and its wife had an evil thought in their mind. The bananas are so sweet, if the monkey and its family members are having the bananas everyday their heart must be much sweeter than the banana’s. So they decide to kill the monkey and its family member one by one and eat their heart. So the crocodile and the family thought of a plan.  They will call the monkey home by some way or the other and kill him and then likewise they will kill all the family members.

So one day when the crocodile went to the monkey while they both were having banana’s the crocodile invited monkey at their place and said to come with the crocodile. Monkey was little confused and told the crocodile that how can the monkey come to their place as he can’t swim and the place where the crocodile lives is on the other side of the river. Crocodile said monkey not to worry as he will carry him on his back. Monkey thought for a while and agreed. The Monkey sat on crocodiles back and they both swam the river, while they were crossing the river, the crocodile said the monkey that they are going to kill the monkey and are going to eat the heart as it is so sweet like the banana’s that they are having every day. So monkey was very much afraid and thought of a plan. After some time Monkey said the crocodile that he can’t have his heart as it is on the branch of a tree. The monkey said the crocodile to take him back and then they can have the monkey’s heart and come back. The crocodile agreed and they both went back.

When they reached banana tree the monkey hastily climbed the tree and asked the crocodile to leave as now their friendship is broken. He trusted him so much. He was like a true friend to him but by doing this he has broken his trust and now they can’t be friends anymore.


The Moral we get from the story is never break any’s trust, especially the one who trusts you completely and with all the heart.