After packing and arranging my clothes for a particular journey, I set out to the road to pick a bike to the park to join others that are waiting for me. On my way to the park, on the bike, the thought of my wallet in which I kept my transport fare came to my mind. Then I started thinking if I took it from the wardrobe where I placed it initially or not. My mind was filled with doubts. Right there on the bike, I tried putting my hand into my bag to see if I took it but, I couldn’t feel it there. Immediately, I stopped the bike man and gave him half of the transport fare because we are just about halfway through the journey to the park and the bike man refused to take me back home, then I crossed to the other side of the road to take another bike home in search of my wallet.

I got home as quickly as I can and straight I headed to the wardrobe but I couldn’t find my wallet still. I became desperate. I searched everywhere I know I could put it, but still, I couldn’t find it. I was like did anybody come in here after I left? As I was deep in thought of what to do, then the thought of searching my bag again came to my mind.

I opened my bag to offload the clothes I packed in there, as I was doing that, I saw my wallet right inside the bag, at the base of the bag. I was so disappointed that the wallet was actually in the bag I was travelling with yet, I had to spend extra money for transport fare back home and also delayed myself from meeting up with others that are waiting for me. I learnt a great lesson that day.


1. Don’t always be in haste to conclude anything.

2. Before you take action, be certain and be sure that the action or the step to be taken is the right one.

3. Patience is a virtue.