Change is a part of life. Isn’t it ? Going back reminiscing how excited and curious we were to pass out of school . Smitten with anxiety , I could feel palpitations. I was extremely petrified of whether or not I will get into my dream university. More than I , my mom was. Days passed , I was still anticipating of what the result would be . One casual night, I get an email . To my surprise it was response from my dream university .I was so anxious that I started fidgeting. I felt like my whole life revolved around that email. I took a breath of faith and gathered courage to open the email. I was startled , it said a NO! Never have I ever faced a rejection so bad. It took me time to recover. What made it worse was one of my best friends got into that university. I was happy but deep down that feeling really broke me . When I  told this to my parents they encouraged me and told that,”It is not the end”. Days passed, I felt more and more apprehensive about my future. One day, I decided to not study in the country because I have had lost all my hopes.  I applied to universities in The US. A month later, I got accepted by most of universities I applied to. Here I am, sitting in The United States . I have never felt as complacent as I feel here. Had I gave up, I would have never made me experience a beautiful thing like the present. In the end, everything worked for the better . Looking back acknowledging what I feel at that point is a little heart breaking to even fathom . But it is what it is!