Asha and Bunty are going to a village where their grandparents are living. During the journey, they had an experience which they didn’t imagine.


Asha and bunty are eagerly waiting for their grandparents. They got a call from their grandparent’s that they will be visiting their home today.

Asha: mom, when nana and nani will come?

Asha’s Mother:  Asha you are asking for the third time. They have to come through the bus and they will reach our home probably around 3.00P.M

Bunty: but mom, why we didn’t send our car to receive them?

Asha’s Mother: I have asked them several times, but they said their village is near to our city. So they will come in bus itself.

Asha: mom, how many hours they have to travel to reach our home?

Mother: Asha, I think it would be around 5 hours

Bunty: hmm…. I thought I can play with nana if they come before lunch

Mother:  no bunty, they are elders and you should respect them. They need rest. You can play with them tomorrow

After few hours their grandparent’s reached home

Bunty and Asha are so excited to receive their grandparents. They want to play with them and they have more things to share with them. But Bunty’s mom intervened and instructed both of them to continue their studies.

So bunty and Asha went inside their room to study. After couple of weeks their nana and nani decided to leave for their home and also invited them.

Asha’s mother: During your summer vacation we will stay in nani’s home for a week to attend the village function?

Bunty: what function mom?

Mother: in the village they will conduct a function once in every year. We will attend that function this year. We can worship god as well as we will get the blessings of your nana and nani

Asha and bunty moved to their room to plan what they have to do in the village.

Travelling to Village

9.30 P.M

Asha’s family started to move towards the village in a car. Asha and bunty sits in the back seat of the car. Their mother sits near to their father who is driving the car. After few hours the car stops suddenly. Asha and Bunty’s father know to repair the car if it has minor issues. So he tried. But unfortunately he couldn’t repair the car. So he said they should wait in the car till morning as they couldn’t find any car mechanic at that time. After one hour, an old aged man approached the car and asked them whether they need any help.

Old man: hello everyone, I am Sikandar my Dhaba is here. Do you need any help?

Asha’s father: we have to reach the village. But our car stopped suddenly due to some issues? Are there any repairing shops here?

Old man: there is no car repairing shops available here. You can stay in our Dhaba, so you will get food as well as you will feel safe as our Dhaba will operate for 24 hours.

Asha and Bunty’s family also accepts this plan and started to walk towards Dhaba. There they saw another man who is preparing the food. When they reach the Dhaba the old man whom they met on the way said he will come back soon. Then he left that place. Asha and their family ate their dinner at Dhaba. Then they slept in the car itself. When they wake up in the morning they couldn’t find the old man in the Dhaba. They can only see the man who has served food to them.

Then they decided to reach the village through a bus. The bus service to their village was not available during night, so they were not able to move yesterday.

Asha and Bunty’s family finally reached their nana’s family in the afternoon. Asha’s grandparents welcomed them.

Grandparents: we thought you would reach our home yesterday itself.

Asha and bunty: nana and nani we started our journey through the car. But due to some issues in the car we couldn’t able to proceed further.

Bunty: nani, we have tried to call you but due to network issues we couldn’t reach you.

Nani: yes, that’s a big issue here. You may not able to talk with your friends from here.

Asha: that’s ok nani. Only for a week, we will adjust.

Then the next day morning…..

Asha and Bunty’s father was reading a newspaper. He saw a post and got surprised. How is it possible? He was thinking. He decided to share his doubts with others. So he asked his servant.

Asha and Bunty’s father:  Chotu do you know this person?

Chotu: sir, he is Sikandar Singh. Our previous neighbor

Asha’s father: what?? He must be a brother of Sikandar Singh.

Chotu: no sir, he is Sikandar Singh. I know him very well.

Asha’s father:  leave it. I will ask someone

Then Asha’s father decided to ask Asha’s nana and nani.

Asha’s father: can you please tell me about this man?

Asha’s nana:  yes. He is Mr. Sikandar, my good friend and also our neighbor.

Asha’s father: does he have twin brother?

Asha’s nana:  I know about his family. He is the only son.

Asha’s father: I am confused now. We have met him yesterday

Asha’s nani: no, that’s not possible

Ok let us clear this confusion now. I will ask Asha and bunty.

Asha’s grandparents: ok, let us ask them

Asha’s father: bunty and Asha, I will ask you a question. Listen it carefully and answer. See the photo of this person in the newspaper. Have you seen this man before?

Asha and Bunty: dad, he is the person whom we met at Dhaba yesterday

Asha’s father: see what I said was correct. We have met him yesterday.

Asha’s grandparents: we will tell you something. But we don’t know whether you will believe it or not?

Asha’s nana: His name is Sikandar and he was the owner of that Dhaba. Now his sons are administrating the Dhaba. The people who are travelling through that highway will definitely eat in their Dhaba. He would also receive them and serves the food with kindness. He was our neighbor too.

He finds it difficult to go to his Dhaba everyday from his home in the village. So he moved from the village to a house near to the Dhaba a month ago.

But unfortunately

Asha’s   father: what happened?

Asha’s nani:  Mr. Sikandar walked towards the Dhaba from his home. But he met with an accident couple of days before and he was injured severely. He died on the spot itself.

Everyone was shocked to hear this.

Asha’s father: where he died?

Asha’s nana:  At NH45

Asha and her family couldn’t believe anything.

Asha’s nana:  today is Mr. Sikander’s birthday. So his son gave this advertisement in the newspaper.

Asha’s father: but we met him yesterday. How is it possible?

Asha’s nani:  you may believe it or not but the fact is that the soul of the deceased person remains there if they have died in an accident.

Asha and her family were in shock……