“Have you ever wondered?” Jacob asked, “Wondered about the Legend of the Golden Cigar that has been going around for quite some time now!”

“It’s a legend dude, what’s there to wonder about anyways?” Peter replied.

“I mean Dude! Haven’t you questioned the Legend? Haven’t you ever felt curious about whether what they say is true or it is all bogus?” Jacob asked Peter again.

“Well! I must tell you my friend, you have a strong point here! It’s been around here since almost 60 days and no one has ever even questioned the Legend that revolves around the Mysterious Golden Cigar? I am quite astonished!” Peter replied as soon as the basketball drill finished, and they both rushed to class for the History lecture.

The history lecture was like a two hour long crap that wasn’t easy for the whole class to digest but today, Jacob and Peter had no problem in sitting calmly throughout the lecture as they were in a completely different world of their own which was just revolving around the fact that was the legend of the Mysterious Golden Cigar even, they just kept on thinking about it for long. It was in no time that the bell rang and they were done for the day.

“Hey Dude! Meet me at 6, and then we will try to unwind the truth that’s lying behind the legend!” Jacob said to Peter, “I’ll ask Grandpa to help us!” and they left for home. Jacob Preston was the Grandson for Dr. Henry Preston, the world famous and widely renowned Archeologist. Thus Jacob thought that it would be wise to seek help from his well versed Grandfather on the Mysterious Golden Cigar.

A cold breeze was blowing outside, when the doorbell rang. Jacob looked at the huge wall clock hanging in his room and knew that it was Peter. Jacob rushed down the staircase to open the door, Jacob welcomed Peter inside his house.

“Coffee??” he warmly asked Peter.

“Sure Thing Dude!” Peter replied, “It’s a nice cold breeze out there! Just perfect for Coffee!” Shortly after Peter said this, they both rushed towards the kitchen to get themselves the Coffee. They both talked about school and their old boring lives while having their freshly brewed coffee. And then, as they both gulped the last sips of the coffee, they left their mugs near the wash basin and rushed to meet Jacob’s Grandpa for the thing that they had actually met. They rushed into Dr. Henry’s room only to find out that he was busy doing some of his work.

“Grandpa! Is it good time to talk?” Jacob asked slowly.

“Well! Jake gimme Twenty Minutes! I have to finish this, it’s pretty urgent!” Henry replied.

“Take your time Grandpa!” Jacob said and they both rushed towards the living room, they decided to play FIFA on Jacob’s PS4 until Henry was ready to answer all their doubts regarding the Legend. They switched on the TV and started playing FIFA with their favorite teams lined up and ready to roll. They had set the Half time limit to 8 minutes so that they could be done with their game just in time to speak with Henry again. The 16 minute game was enough to make the rest of the time pass away, the healthy gameplay refreshed their minds and Henry also stepped into the Living room by then.

“What’s up buddy?” he asked.

“Oh Nothing Grandpa! Peter and I wanted to know somethings about the legend of the Mysterious Golden Cigar that is around the vicinity.” Jacob replied.

“The Mysterious Cigar! Who told you guys about it?” Henry asked in suspicion.

“It’s all around the Place Grandpa! Everyone on the streets as well as in school talk about it. And listening all these things constantly time to time, we just got curious whether is the legend and the things people say are they true!” Jacob replied politely.

“I am really Sorry Kiddo, but I can’t help you with anything regarding this matter, it’s highly sensitive information and I can’t share it with you guys!” Henry replied and began going back into his study.

“Please Grandpa! We swear to God we won’t leak it out, we will keep it confidential it won’t break out into the public!” Jacob requested Henry while he was on his way back.

“No means no Jake! I told you I cannot do this, I am really very sorry buddy!” Henry said in discontent.

“Please Grandpa! Please… At least tell us whether whatever the crowd speaks regarding it, it all that True?” Jacob requested in a very polite manner, “Please Grandpa…!”

“Ughhhh! You know it don’t you! I cannot resist your requests after an amount of time, I agree to all your demands when you make that sweet little face.” Henry replied with a bit of resentment, “Come on in both of you! There’s something top secret that I am about to tell you so we better get into a safe place.”

Both Jacob and Peter were damn excited about knowing the truth that was lying behind the legend of the Mysterious Golden Cigar, without any further ado they both followed Henry into his room and carefully locked the door from the inside, and they all sat on the chairs that were lying around the study table as Henry began to narrate all the things he knew about the Golden Cigar.

“Well Kids, to know the truth about the Golden Cigar, we would have to know about the Flame realm! Because great Archeologists and the Scientists around the world believe that the Golden Cigar belongs to the Flame realm!” Henry began.

“Flame realm, what is that Grandpa? I haven’t heard of it any time before!” Peter asked Henry.

“Flame realm! Peter Flame realm, is another world similar to ours, it has its own heritage and culture just like we do, and it’s a Mystical land full of creatures such as the 4 headed dragon and much more!” Henry said to the kids, “The Golden Cigar, believe it or not is a curse to the people of our world! Flame realm’s Emperor Shuns Kahn had visited earth 300 years before. He was very much impressed by the beauty of our world. He made up his mind to become the ruler of earth.”

“What did Shuns Kahn do then Grandpa?” both asked in curiosity, “Was he able to conquer the forces of our world?”

“This is where the Golden Cigar comes into picture kids!” Henry spoke sternly, “According to the historical Flame realm manuscript, it is said that the Golden Cigar is the source to ultimate power, a single smoke of the Golden Cigar is enough to make an ordinary man turn into a living God! He will be unconquerable!” Henry said, “Shuns Kahn was blind to seek power, so he got insane and smoked the entire Golden Cigar, and as it is evident that excess of anything is only bound to make damage, Shuns Kahn too had to see a very dreadful fate, as he had smoked the entire Cigar, he turned into an uncontrollable monster and died at that moment itself. “

“That’s good news isn’t it Grandpa?” Jacob asked

“The real trouble began after that kiddo, after seeing what happened to Shuns Kahn, his son Kitoro Kahn got furious, he began developing a strategy to avenge the fate of his Father, and also complete his father dream to conquer Earth. He was stubborn and bound to do it at any cost, thus all the noblemen of the Flame realm sought of a solution!” Henry said.

“What solution did they think of Grandpa?” Peter asked curiously.

“The solution that the Elder Gods of the Flame realm devised was that, they would meet the various rulers of Earth and give them a Golden Cigar each to hide from Kitoro Kahn. This way they could keep Kitoro Kahn from reaching out to the Golden Cigar, and destroying both the realms with himself.” Henry replied.

“So was it helpful?” Peter asked Henry again promptly.

“Well, folks say that the Flame realm noblemen captivated Kitoro Kahn, and kept him from reaching the Golden Cigars, but they couldn’t hold him for too long, recently the Alien Contact Organization confirmed that Kitoro Kahn got out of the captivity, and is coming to Earth in the hunt of the Golden Cigars!” Henry spoke with seriousness.

“So what will happen now? Will he grab hold of the Golden Cigars and destroy Earth and Flame realm?” Both of them asked Henry in curiosity.

“The Cigars are in safe hands, yet the risk is imminent, we cannot ignore the powers that Kitoro Kahn has already mastered. But the legend doesn’t end here, in the historical manuscripts the solution to Ragnarok (the untold Apocalypse) has also been provided, it is said that if a person with a strong will and pure heart can avert Ragnarok once and for all, in order to do that the person has to Smoke the Sacred Golden Cigar (the one with 7 stripes) to attain connection with the Elder Gods who then will destroy all the Evil and avert Ragnarok from taking place.” Henry said while reading the old Manuscript of the Flame realm.

“The Sacred Golden Cigar? Where is it right now Grandpa?” Jacob asked.

“The Sacred Golden Cigar is currently being safeguarded at a top secret facility in Stockholm, it is 4 miles away from here! The Golden Cigar is only accessible to top of the Order White Collar Archeologists and VVIP’s of Earth. That’s all Kiddo’s you’ve known more than you should now let me do my research.” Henry said in a stern tone to make a mark on the kids.

“One last Question Grandpa! Do you have the access key to the Sacred Golden Cigar?” Jacob asked while talking to Peter in a code language.

“Yes I do kiddo! Now leave me alone!” Henry said, “I have got a lot of work to be done!”

“Thanks Grandpa! Love you!” Jacob told Henry as he moved towards him and hugged him and then left Henry alone. Jacob and Peter were astonished on knowing the insights of the legend of the Mysterious Golden Cigar! They hugged each other, Peter opened the door and waved back at Jacob.

“See you tomorrow Dude! Don’t be late for the Music Drill!” Peter told Jacob while he left.

“See you Bro!” Jacob Replied.