A girl named shivinya traveled on the bus. Shivinya is quite stubborn about her life. She recently broke up with her boyfriend. She was sitting near the window, there was rain that day, the raindrops splashes on the road, and she saw them with shiny blurry tear droplets rolling over her rosy cheek. Her regular velvety red lips looks dry cracked and lifeless. She curses the world and god inside her head, which let her to meet her boyfriend; he isn’t worth of her loyalty and love. On the next stop of her bus a handsome middle-aged man stepped into bus and sat beside shivinya. He looks tall, dusky, broad shoulder with soft facial structure looks like calm priest. Shivinya is uncomfortable at first but then for some reason she feels relaxed and calm in his presence. He is a psychologist, at first meeting itself he understands about her situation. So he started to talk slowly and steadily with her she starts to open up. At first, it was just a formal conversation but now it gets deeper, she couldn’t resist her inner feelings, so she spoke about her breakup and burst into tears she can’t hold back she wants someone to say “it’s okay”. So the man pats her on her shoulder and allows her to settle down. She felt the warmth of his hand, and she suddenly comeback to herself. Then after a long speechless time he starts to talk to her, “girl it’s just a phase you will move on soon”. She looks his face with mixed feelings. Then he said to her to remember this “not everyone and everything in this world is permanent” even in this bus travel, while traveling you sees lots of people with different characters. You have to travel with them even when you like it or not. You like some of them, you hate some of them, you respect some of them, but you have to go to your destination place. Even you like them you can’t take them to your place. Even you hate them you can’t eliminate them from here. So you have to know where you are going for your good. On hearing this Shivinya said “he isn’t a normal passenger who travels with me he is my lover “In a mild and shivering tone with lifeless voice. After hearing this he laughed in a husky manner and said “Don’t you know everyone you love doesn’t have to love you back, everyone you hate doesn’t have to hate you back. Some love even if you hate them, some hate even if you love them. It’s their choice”. She realized that she is emotionally hopeless now. She said “Thank you for being my eye-opener, I’m going to get over it, but don’t know how”. He smiled and said “it’s my destination I’m off then”. He packed his luggage and get off the bus and wave her a hand and shouted “Good to go my brave girl time will give you the change”. She smiled calmly and waved him back and said” it will”……..