It is 5:10 in the morning and I am to fly the Boeing 727 at 8:45 from the Charles De Gaulle to Heathrow, London. I can still feel the hangover from yesterday’s night in my head, but oh how amazing it was! After the successful landing of the Airbus 540 at 9:55 at Charles De Gaulle, I gave myself a little treat & escaped into L’Arc. Having the two hottest French ladies by my side, I felt all my tiredness fade away with the smoke. Emily & I went to my hotel & had a wham-bam sex that night. The morning of 22nd June, was a bright and sunny. The city was all decked up with sunshine and cotton like clouds. As I left for the airport, I made sure I had all the documents and gave myself a shot of Myrkl to lower the effect of alcohol I had last night. It was 8:30, and all the arrangements were ready, passengers onboard, the crew delivering the necessary instructions and my co-pilot for the flight, Eric fastening the seat belt besides me. We left the land of Paris with an enthralling goodbye with an awesome view of the majestic Eiffel Tower and the city. We had covered the distance of 125 miles when Eric noticed something unusual happening in the system. We were flying at the speed of 350 km/hr and the flight was not turning. The weather turned our foe for the day too. Heavy clouds gathered all over and it was impossible to fly with a malfunctioning system. There was heavy turbulence and all the passengers got scared and were instructed for an emergency landing. After so many attempts to stabilize the havoc, we made a water landing and all the passengers were safely evacuated.

The Aviation Board had scheduled an urgent meeting and a list of questions awaited my answer. Through the process of investigation, it was found that I had an amount of alcohol in my bloodstream and it seemed an end to my flying career. My friends and family had hired the best lawyer and on the day of hearing, I was strictly told by my lawyer to not accept that I had consumed alcohol the night before the incidence. A lot of people including Judges, press, family and officials from the Aviation Board were present in the court on the day of hearing. I was asked the routine questions and the prosecution presented the lab reports of my blood test to the Judge. I was asked to confirm about the consumption of alcohol only because the amount that the lab reports showed were very little and the obvious reason was the Myrkl that I had that morning. It was dependent on my confession, that would either let me go of my mistake or become an inspiration for the young pilots. I accepted about my consumption of alcohol in right quantities. My lawyer and friends got immensely frustrated over me but I knew what I had done was right. I was satisfied that although this was a huge mark on my flying career but it would set an example of truthfulness, dedication and perseverance for the mankind to learn.