knock knock! did I hear it right or is it coming again? Why m am I feeling this sudden rush? I hope it is not what I think it is but the sound ain’t stopping. It was time. Time for my anxiety to cram my chest again. I was prepared for the worst. Without any expectations, I opened the door. To my surprise, it wasn’t the usual gush. It was unexpected how my breathing relaxed and it wasn’t the anxiety. I could feel my heart pounding but it wasn’t the usual. I could feel my lips reaching my ears. God! m so happy. But, where was I? Why does everything seem so beautiful? The colors in my eyes never felt so unreal until today. It is so calm here. I wish I could open the door to this world more often. Walking down the path I could hear all the voices insisting on me to be confident. It wasn’t about the deep dark hole anymore. I don’t have to visit that place now, is it? Is my anxiety gone? I want to visit this place more often but I hope it is not a dream. Is there another door out there? My god that’s it! It isn’t a dream. Please don’t come today! Please don’t come today! It’s a very important day for me, please! As I closed my eyes, I heard ” next contestant please”. I did it! I did it! With tears in my eyes, I opened the door of my dreams with a mic in my hand and turned around for the last time hoping I won the battle with my anxiety.  Why am I looking back?  smirked, I realized all I have to do now is look forward. I couldn’t believe how serene I was feeling walking towards the stage. The shadow was finally gone and suddenly I heard “mic testing “.