From a very young age I was fantasied by cars and driving them. My favourite part was when the car on the streets drifted right in front of my house, I was filled up with adrenaline in my entire body.

When I was a teenager I used to watch all the fast and furious movie series it was my favourite and on television all different types of racing sports. My dream was to become one of them, but due to my poor background no one would sponsor a new driver like me. But there was only one place where nobody would stop me “on the streets”.

The roar of the 500 horse power engine and the smell of the burning rubber always excited me. I always wanted one of these beasts of my own. To drive and feel the power to feel the car. I learned driving the car from a very young age but could not ride on a super car or a racing car.
From doing part time jobs at the car garage I saved up some money and tried to learn every single thing a car is made of, using this knowledge I tried to build up my own car from scratch.
It took me about 9 months to learn and modify everything about the car. Now I was sure that I could build my own car but the money for a single part was my whole month salary and I had to manage other things at home also. From the time I was working here in the car garage, I had many racing friends and some wholesalers who could help me in my car parts and my other mechanic friends who could help me with building the car.
Contacting others and arranging parts took three months and building the car took three more months but I had finished my dream work. Now it was the time to test it on the streets. It was not a smooth ride on the 1st day but my car was running. After a few adjustments the car was going better and better, but not a racing car. I had to feel the car and know what is that it wanted. I had put all the money I had saved and now was the last chance to prove the cars power on the streets. In night when the entire streets were roaring with the sound of beast like engine and the everyone was in the mood of racing, I was a bit nervous, a bit excited to be in my first race. After three years my dream was about to come through.
 As I hit the acceleration pedal and my engine started to roar, flames were coming through the exhaust of the car, all the sound of the party and people stopped and only one thing I could hear 3…2….1….. let’s race.