She liked counting them. Counting stars was a syndrome for her to let out her exhaustion, fear and sometimes fear too. With the increasing count of stars her gloomy feelings moved inversely and she felt a little better.

Today was one such day when Ana wanted to count more and more stars, as her 4 year hard built career was coming to a hail and the reason was love. Ross was the patient in the same consultancy home where Ana had been working, for everyone he was just Patient no.7, but she knew him as Ross. It’s been seven months when they expressed their feelings and since then their communication and bond just grew stronger.

Falling for someone is not desire, it’s destiny. But it needs a lot of desire to follow that path of destiny. And, destiny wanted to know whether they hold that desire or not. It was against the rules of consultancy home to have any kind of relationship with the patient other than that of a patient and doctor. Before anyone accustom any such belief about them, they needed to be decisive. Ross needed his therapy their as the doctors are more than half-way done with his treatment and knew all his issues. A psychic patient patient cannot easily adopt to changes, so Ana decided to relinquish her job. She is really hoping that the next day turn out as normal as always. With this, she stepped down the ledge she was sitting and counting stars.

The next day Ana was striding through the hallway to handover her resignation letter and a hand swiftly pulled her inside the storeroom. It was Ross. There were no words coming out from either’s larynx but their eyes were telling them everything which they couldn’t say through their lips. And finally ending the silence Ross said, “I need you more than this therapy.”, “You need the therapy too, love” replied Ana. Ross was impatient at the point but he said calmly holding Ana’s face gently with both his hands “It’s your love that’s healing me, I need that more than anything, I’ll stay with you and turn fine in no time”. Ana knew that somewhere it was true, Ross was making a very good progress since both of them started dating. After a twenty-five minutes long conversation they finally reached the conclusion and Ana was not going to resign. 

It was a one day procedure and Ross was no longer the patient at the consultancy home. And both of them then used to sit together on the ledge and count stars all night long. But, it’s a memory now rather than a syndrome.