A small girl with braided hair from school rushed inside the home and called for her mom and started saying the things that happened in school with full of enthusiasm. Her mother with a smile on her face, listened and observed her expressions, and helped her clean herself back from school. After an hour of narration of the happenings, she started to complain about the homework and test she is about to face. And her mother smiled and asked her “Do you like school?” The child replied “Yes but not the homework and test”. She was surprised that her mother didn’t advise or say anything regarding her answer to the question she asked. Mother laughed and asked her to help her with the gardening. The girl jumped happily and said I would like to help you Mom and asked eagerly what should I do. Mother showed a pack of seeds and asked her to help her plant the seeds. Her mother asked her to read the labels in the packet, look carefully and say me the color of the seeds. The child said it’s an easy thing, Mom, I will say to you quickly and she read the names of the seeds and the color as well as the shape of the seeds. Mother questioned her “How are you so sure about the names and colors of the seeds my little girl?” she said Mom I go to school and I have learned there. Mother said ohh my little girl has learned well in her school by doing her homework and performing well in the tests though she didn’t like to do those things. The child then realized how she helped her mother with the work. Both Mom and Daughter had a great evening and the child realized, Why Homework and test?