Growing up without the loving care of a mother is indeed very difficult. This I realized when suddenly, one day I noticed something was wrong with my mother. I found she was becoming weaker day by day. Something had happened to her.

Then, one day when returned from school, as usual, I did not find my mother at the gate to greet me. As I rushed into the house, I found the servant packing a tiffin, which was obviously for my mother. She had been taken to the hospital as she was seriously ill (as I later understood). The doctor said she had to be operated on.

The day fixed for my mother’s operation dawned with a spell of gloom in the house. I accompanied my father to the hospital When I reached. I saw my mother being prepared for the operation. She was surrounded by doctors and nurses. Then she was taken to the operation theatre. The Operation took five long hours. I waited outside with a host of natives. Everyone tried to amuse my brother and me. But Oh! what a terrible experience it was. The time seemed to have stopped. It seemed so long and never-ending, but all along I prayed to God for the success of the operation. I cannot exactly describe in words the awful feeling I had in me. At last the long hours were over. My mother was brought out of the operation-theater on a stretcher. It was very nice to see her, my heart was beating fast with anxiety. My mother lay unconscious with many tubes in her. The doctor was a very considerate man. He could understand our anxiety, with a smile, told us there was nothing to worry, everything was okay “She’s doing well.”

After sometime mother opened her eyes and looked at us. I like hugging her and never parting with her. But the doctor asked us to leave her alone and not to trouble her. Like a very obedient child, I obeyed the doctor’s request. I was very tired and went back home. But I missed her at home. The house seemed lonely and there was no charm or warmth there. Mother had to stay in the hospital for a few days. At home, the servants helped us but I always found that something was missing. It was my mother’s love No one could replace it.

All my earlier fusses and tantrums disappeared. I was completely changed. I thanked God for being so kind to me for giving a new life to my mother. Though I have always loved her, I now realized that she is indeed a symbol of love and self-sacrifice. I could never live without her. Without showing any signs of anguish or tiredness, I always found her attending to us with a smile on her face. So I pray to God, for her long life and also to keep mothers of the world safe and healthy.