It wasn’t a perfect day for monika, she was all messed up. Clock was showing 12 pm. and she was still burried under layers and layers of blankets. Something was not right, when she was hiding herself from the outer world, like this. Normally Monika was a chirrupy charming girl who was born to cheer everyone up. She was such a bundle of joy that it takes her just about 5 minutes to brighten a dull room all by herself. This is the reason why the sudden change in her personality was troubling every person around her.

Earlier that day, she woke up as usual at sharp 7 am. went downstairs.. wished morning to her mom, dad and her beloved cat, even to her crassula plant … fetched her diet breakfast from the kitchen and returning back to her room switched on her favourite gadget– favourite because she meets her lover in that very virtual setting each day. It was her early morning ritual to talk to her boyfriend on priority basis everyday since last 6 years. They were long time lovers and were planning to reveal their relationship at each other’s home on the 18th of the same month. Every thing was perfectly fine till then but soonafter something terrible happened for which she was never prepared. She recieved a text message from dreamyboe21.

She stared at the email message on her computer, her mind racing so fast that the words blurred togather and no longer made any sense. Just three lines, but enough to make her life– the life she’d worked so hard and sacrificed so much to build–begin to crumble around her. The lines read, ” Dear Monika, I needed to talk to you for so long. But you were always so nice to me, how could have I gathered so much courage to tell you that I am already married. So I wish you a good life, hope we never meet again.”

That day,  she ate nothing, thinking about her so many different things she dreamed about for herself and her lover. That one messsage brought about a storm in her life. He fell in depression for a long time and noone knew the reason why. Her family tried to help but he had shut all the doors about her for the external world. Her favourite gadget was not dear to her any longer. She knew what was going to be her lifewith such a bitter experience in love. One day sitting on a bench in public park she saw a couple and something seems quite familier about them. When she observed with a keen eye she noticed. It was none other than her past lover. It was time to pay back for him. She walked straight in front of the couple and revealed her identity to the girl and told the full story. But the the girl who was just another victim to the same guy didn’t bother to cross verify Monika’s version of truth and began to ignore her. Monika felt pity for her but silently slipped her contact no. in her purse and walked back home.

Few days passed waiting for the girl to revert back to Monika, but waiting seemed pointless because there was no response yet. She really wanted to do something about the situation and punish her now ex boyfriend who is exposed to her as a cheat and fraudulent person but she was fed up with the thought that such people exist among us and we let them have their way by blindly trusting them. Monika rebuked herself for the mistakes of her past and felt more and more measurable about not being able to save his new victim. But she was a girl with strong will power. She plainly refused to give up. Remembering the old proverb, ‘where there is will, there is a way’, She recollects what the other girl was wearing when she saw her, which appeared to be airhostess’ outfit. Monika switched on her pc seemingly after decades and searched the uniform of all the airlines. Soon she was able to match the outfit and started searching for the girl everywhere.

Within a week she was able to locate the girl on Facebook, her name way Iris. Monika dropped her a text again and luckily this time the girl did reply. Both of them had a nice talk over messages. Monika came to know that this girl lives just 4 blocks away and both of them arraged a meeting in a nearby coffee shop. They met nicely and monika explained Iris with all the proofs that she had and it wasn’t tough to explain that their lover was nothing more than a professional playboy. Monika also discovered that Iris is also in this relation from past 3 years, which obviously meant the guy keeps more than one affair at a time. Monika lost any sympathy for her lover way back and now even Iris lost hers.

Since the time Monika has saved Iris from her upcoming doom her mission was successfully accomplished already, even then she still felt the need to save anyother girl from this conscience less man. She asked Iris to join hands and Iris agreed without another thought. Now with a bigger target in mind, they defied playing a victim any longer.

This time the Monika planned her victims doom. According to plan Iris kept the relation for some more time and Monika kept collecting proofs. She was no longer a child after she witnessed the darker side of life. In a month’s time their victim was standing in a jury box, completely checkmate and Monika recieved the credit of saving another innocent from his vicious claws. Monika’s family supported her during the whole trial and celebrated her victory with equal happiness. In the end she didn’t get happiness in getting the culprit behind bars but also to have set an example for those who were guilty of devastating women by cheating them.