Due to my father’s job transfers, I had to change schools four times in my schooling period. It is quite a hectic of a job to keep changing your location. There are many things to talk about experiences that I had doing school-time at each location, but I am going to write up what where things I observed from making the change in general. Honestly, I feel sorry for them who grew up at the same location, went to same school all the while.

The first time I changed was when I was in seventh grade. I never went out of my place (other than going to my home native place), let alone moving out of my home school. It was a great cultural shock for me. I was scared and embarrassed child. It was first time I realized how narrow my vision was even though I thought myself to be reasonably open-minded. Second, when we stay at one place for long, our breadth of the scopes to progress becomes limited. Our challenges become limited as we are continuously hitting the same nails, so to speak. To get away from the usual patterns of living our life is a huge blessing.

After two years, I move to my third school. I was mentally prepared for any change. So it was very easy for me adjust with the native school goers. (Secondly, many students there were from my previous school – which was an additional bonus for me. A beautiful thing about this whole thing is because you get to bring those stories and experiences with you when you come in a new place. It is almost we human were wired for change, to move and travel in all directions, to continuously strive and move towards something. It is fundamentally to who we are. Change nourishes us.

By the fourth time, having had all the experiences, I knew what to expect – and I was in a position to take advantage of the situation change than be worried about it.

Making many friends and seeing new places every-time only added to the diversity of my experience in so many ways, many of whom I am still in touch with. I am no more afraid of settling in a remote place or making friend with a total stranger. Nor am I aversed to people of other cultures. It is such a great place to be.