He knew he had met her but couldn’t remember. Digging for something about Heer, Vivan came across a secret that he didn’t imagine.


Vivan was having a beer with his only best friend, Rishi Khanna. The latter was not so much interested in his talks as his attention was on the girl sitting on the table at the far end. Vivan said, “I don’t know that girl but somehow I get a feeling that I know her. What do you think? Is she some other girl that I met? But if I had met her, I would’ve known her.”

Rishi said, “She must be one of your past girlfriends. You never remember any of your girlfriend’s names”

Vivan nodded. He said, “By the way who are you staring at?”

Rishi signaled at her taking a sip of beer. Vivan said, “Yeah, she is good”

Just then Vivan saw a kid staring in the bar from outside. He went outside and asked, “What are you doing here?”

He answered, “I was just passing by when I saw this bar. I wanted to ask someone a question”

Vivan asked, “What is your question?”

He said, “You know that drinking alcohol is injurious to health”

Vivan nodded. He continued, “So why are you all drinking? You know my mom says people should not drink or smoke. You know we had an uncle. I mean he was my mom’s uncle. So, you know what happened to him?”

Vivan asked, “What happened to him?”

He answered, “He died”

Vivan asked, “Because of alcohol?”

He said, “No, actually yes. You know he was drinking alcohol when he got a call that his house was on fire. It was my uncle who was little back then. He was just messing with him. So, when his dad rushed out of the bar, he drove car really fast. So, he had an accident.”

Vivan said, “Okay, then we should not drink alcohol. I wish that you will not be drinking in future, too. Young man, you should not be near this place.”

He said, “I want you to promise to me that you will not drink”

Vivan said, “I can’t promise you that. But I can assure you I will try to minimize my drinking.”

He smiled and said, “Okay”

He shouted, “Wow, I changed a life”

Vivan calmed him down. He asked, “What are you talking about?”

The kid said, “Mom said that when we can change someone’s life, our life proves to be worthwhile”

Vivan smiled, “So what’s your name?”

He smiled and said, “It is Sam short for Samar”

Vivan said, “So Sam what are you doing here alone?”

Samar said, “I wanted to buy a gift for my mom”

Vivan looked in the bar where Rishi was having conversation with that girl. He thought it would be better if he left his friend alone for some time. Vivan asked, “Can I help?”

Samar said, “But you don’t know my mom”

Vivan said, “But I know ladies very well”

Samar thought for a moment and said, “Okay”

Samar and Vivan went to many shops were looked for a perfect gift but couldn’t find one. But then they came across a shop where Sam saw his perfect gift. It was a beautiful royal blue off-shoulder dress. He said, “I want this”

Vivan said, “Dude, but we don’t know her size”

Samar pointed towards a girl and said, “She has figure exactly like her”

Vivan said, “Okay I know that size”

He went to the counter and asked for the dress in size and color what Samar told him. After they bought the dress, Vivan bought Samar a cola and a burger. Samar gave his cola to Vivan. Samar asked, “So Vivan why did you spend a whole day with me?”

Vivan took a sip of cola and said, “Because I liked you man. I just wanted to take my mind off and you were the best option because my best friend was not helping in it.”

Samar asked, “Is it a girl problem?”

Vivan said, “Yeah, but you will not understand”

Samar took the last bite of his burger, “I can be your help. You helped me and it is my time to repay you”

Vivan said, “Okay. Listen I met a girl and I did a mistake…”

Samar asked, “What kind of mistake?”

Vivan said, “I spilled coffee on her beautiful sexy dress. So she got mad. But when I saw her, I thought I have seen her somewhere. She even knew my name. Look, I have my ex-girlfriends’ names in my phone with their photos but I couldn’t find her.”

Samar said, “So she must be someone you met only once and you never got a chance to get her number”

Vivan said, “I think you are right”

Samar said, “You know, when my dad met my mom he knew my mom’s name already. My dad was the popular guy and my mom was a shy girl of the school. She fell for my dad’s romantic talks and then they fell in love. You know my dad is a great guy.”

Vivan asked, “Where is he now?”

Samar said, “I don’t know. I have never met him. Mom says I’ll meet him when time will be right.”

Vivan said, “It is okay. If you feel you want to talk to your dad, then call me”

Vivan gave him his number. Samar smiled and said, “Now I have to leave or else mom will be angry with me”

Vivan nodded, “Okay, let me get you a cab”

Vivan called for the cab. Samar hopped in the cab. While saying goodbye Sam said, “By the way, you know that uncle’s story”

Vivan said, “Yeah”

Sam laughed, “I made it up.”

Vivan said, “So your mom didn’t taught you anything about honesty”

Sam said, “No, she said if it is for good, then we are allowed to say it…. as long as it doesn’t someone’s feelings”

Vivan smiled. Samar told cab driver the address and cab went away.


“Mom, I am home”, Samar shouted as he entered the apartment.

Heer came out of the kitchen and hugged Samar as he came running to her. Samar took out the gift from his bag and gave her with a peck of kiss on her cheek. Heer asked, “Oh wow, so much love… What do you want?”

Samar said, “Why… can’t a son bring gift for his mom?”

Heer narrowed her eyes. Samar said, “Okay fine, I don’t want to go to grandpa’s house”

Heer said, “Sam, you know I can’t be here every-time. I have to go to work. And you can’t be with me at office unless you want to spend time in day care”

Samar quickly said, “No, I don’t want to be with the crying and pooping babies”

Heer said, “So who will be with you?”

Samar said, “I can be at home and I will everyday meet you at lunch. You know I can come by myself. Mom…. please…”

Heer said, “Sam it is not safe. Don’t make this difficult”

Samar said, “Mom, please I just want to stay here for summer. You never spend time with me”

Heer said, “You are trying to make me feel guilty?”

Samar bit his lip, “Is it working?”

Heer rolled her eyes, “Yeah, fine”

Samar hugged her, “Thank you mom. You will not regret it”

He was about to go when Heer said, “But you have to come with Mr. Barton”

Samar nodded. She continued, “…no rails, no taxis. You will be here with Mrs. Carter”

He asked, “The one with cute white pup?”

Heer nodded. Samar shouted, “Awesome”

He sang “I love you mom…I love you mom…I love you mom”

Heer smiled, “Now go and change. Then you have to explain me where did you get me this gift?”

He narrowed his eyes, “Am I in trouble?”

She smiled, “No”

He jumping went to his room.


Samar was standing on the door waiting for the Nikki to get ready. He adjusted his red hooded jacket. Nikki appeared before him mentioning to him, “Sam your laces are untied”

Samar looked at his shoes and said, “Oops, I must have forgotten in the excitement”

Nikki called out, “Heer, we are leaving”

Heer came out in her balloon sleeve top with a pair of shorts on. She had her hair tied in a loose bun with her bangs resting on her forehead. She had her smooth skin covered in sweat. Nikki looked at her in confusion. Heer said, “AC is not working. I have called the guy but he will take time.”

Heer observed Nikki and said, “You look nice. But loose the sexy look, you are going out with a kid”

Nikki tied her hair in a high ponytail. She asked, “What do you think about dress?”

Heer responded, “It is nice”

Samar was getting impatient. He started jumping, “Will you ladies please stop? I really want to see the show.”

Both of them laughed. Heer came and kissed Samar. She said, “Just take care of him, please”

Nikki said, “You know we regularly go there. So no need to worry and we will have fun”

Heer stoked Samar’s hair. Samar said, “Mom can we go?”

Heer smilingly said, “Okay, go but no mischief”

Samar nodded and ran out of the apartment. Nikki shouted, “Careful, I’m coming”

Nikki hugged Heer and ran after Samar. Heer locked the door. She went to kitchen in search of something to eat. She came out with a box of biscuits. Sitting on the couch, she switched on the television.

After a while, there was a ring on the door. Heer opened the door shouting, “You know I am going to complain…”

She paused as she noticed it was not the service guy. She asked, “Vivan, what are you doing here? Where did you get my address from?”

Vivan handed her the bouquet of roses to Heer. She looked at them and said, “I am not a big fan of roses.”

Vivan asked, “Can I come in? If you want we can talk at the door”

Heer replied, “Yeah, sure”

Vivan entered and looked around. Heer continued, “But it is a bit messy right now”

She started cleaning up. While doing so, she asked, “So what brings you here? And I am still wondering from where did you get my address?”

Vivan said, “Look I know we started off on wrong track. So I wanted us…”

She raised her eyebrows. He corrected, “….you and me to start off new.”

She looked at him in confusion. He said, “I am saying that we can be friends. You know, I don’t like to fight with girls. I love them. So what say?”

She bit her lip and thought for a moment. Then she nodding said, “I guess we can be. So that’s it”

Vivan said, “No I had a peace offering”

The doorbell rang. She raised her eyebrows, “What’s that?”

Vivan opened the door. A pizza delivery boy was standing with two large pizza boxes. Vivan took the pizza and paid the boy. He turned to Heer and said, “Peace offering, hungry?”

Heer smilingly nodded. Both of sat on the couch to eat.


“So you live with Nikki, that reporter” said Vivan. Heer grabbed her last bite and nodded. He was about to go in her room when doorbell rang again. She wiped her hands with napkin and said, “That must be the service guy”

The service guy entered the apartment and went into her room. She said, “It is late. I think you should leave”

He jumped, “No, I would not leave a lady alone with a stranger. I am a man and I would protect you”

She said, “You know I don’t get this. Why are we women the weaker species? We can protect ourselves. We don’t need a man. You men think that we are too weak to do anything by ourselves”

He said, “I didn’t say that. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

She folded her arms against her breasts. Rolling her eyes, she said, “Yeah right. By the way I was with you for last 2 hours alone in this apartment and you are stranger to me”

He said, “No I’m not”

She checked on the service guy and said, “Yes, you are”

He gave on his charming smile and said, “I thought we were friends”

She thoughtfully said, “Umm…let me get with you on that topic in morning. Now leave”

He said, “That is a rude way to talk to your guest”

She laughed and said, “No, it is a right way to talk to uninvited guest”

Vivan’s phone rang. It was a call from a girl. He started talking to her while Heer went in her room to talk to the service guy. When she reappeared before him again, he said, “I have to leave”

Heer nodded. The service guy took his money and left. She walked him to the door.

She said, “But Vivan why did you come all the way here? You could have talked to me in the morning”

He looked down at his phone. He answered, “Just thought it would be nice to have dinner with a friend”

She asked, “Why? Where is Rishi?”

He looked up and asked, “How do you know Rishi?”

She smiled and said, “Refresh your memory, Vivan”

Saying this she closed the door. Vivan started climbing downstairs in confusion.


That night Vivan was still lost in thoughts lying on the bed with girl sleeping right next to him. He thought, she reminds me of someone but I don’t remember who. I have met her. I know that but why can’t remember her. Why is it that there is no memory of hers? He picked up his phone and went through his contact list. The girl made some movement. He said softly, “Will you please stop I am trying to think”

Just then he got a call from Samar. He sneaking out of the bed in the balcony answered, “Hey little buddy, how are you? And why are you calling so late? Is everything okay?”

Samar said, “Yeah everything is fine. But I am just worried about something”

Vivan asked, “What is it?”

Samar said, “Do you know how to play football?”

Vivan replied, “Yeah but why?”

Samar said, “I want to try out for the team but I don’t know how to play. Mom would never let me play football. She thinks it is dangerous. I really want to play. Could you teach me?”

Vivan said, “Okay, but what about your mom? You should ask her first. I don’t want to get in trouble”

Samar said, “No, you will not be in trouble. I’ll think of something. You know I can devise a plan.”

Vivan said, “Okay buddy, but don’t get in trouble for anything. You decide the time and I’ll be there.”

Samar said, “Cool, thank you”

He hung up the call. Vivan looked at his phone and smiled. He thought, I never thought I would be friend with a kid. He looked up at the sky and said, “Why is my life turning into a puzzle?”


Heer was working in the studio when Derek entered with an envelope in his hand. She asked, “What is that? Am I getting promoted? Or am I getting a raise?”

Derek smilingly said, “No, it is an invitation to a party that my dad is hosting for the employees. We have sent it to everyone but yours …I wanted to give personally”

She asked, “Why”

He said, “Heer, I would really like a second chance”

She placed her hands on her hips and said, “Then you should ask that from Sam”

He looked a little disappointed. He looked down at the invitation and said, “Well, we will be expecting you there”

She said, “I don’t think so.”

He asked, “Why?”

She said, “Sam is living with us this summer. So I can’t leave him alone at home. I can’t be there.”

He placed the invitation on her table and said, “If you change your mind…”

He was leaving when Nikki entered. He greeted her and went away. Nikki asked, “He came here for the party?”

Heer nodded. She went back to her sketching. Nikki picked up the invitation. She smilingly said, “You coming?”

Heer snapped, “Yeah and leave Sam alone at home. He is a kid”

Nikki said, “I know that Heer. And I am sorry that making up with your responsibilities is making you stay away from your son. I am sorry for that. You know, he is way mature than his age. He understands that you have a job and you can’t be with him every time. He knows why he studying in a boarding and why his mother can only meet him at weekends.”

Heer had tears in her eyes. She sat on the couch. Nikki consoled her, “I know you feel bad. You wanted the kid. You have an angel now. But you have to live your life. So what if he made a mistake, forgive the guy and go with him”

Heer said, “And where are we going to keep Sam?”

Nikki said, “Mrs. Carter will not mind”

Heer hugged her and said, “I love you. You are the best best-friend”

Nikki said, “I know that. You know everyone is helping you in your responsibilities”

Heer wiped her tears and said, “I know that and I’m grateful to everyone”

Nikki got up and said, “So, I guess you are coming then”

Heer smiled and said, “I guess”

Nikki left.


Heer entered the hall dressed in a beautiful deep blue asymmetrical hem. She had silky brown hair dangling with her shiny heart shaped earring. She came up to Nikki who looked cute in green one-shoulder dress. She had a glass of wine in her hand. Heer asked, “So, when will this end?”

Nikki laughed, “You have just entered. Enjoy the party”

Heer narrowed her eyes. Nikki said, “Okay, just smile and be here for some time…then we will exit from here”

Heer smiled. Derek walked with an aged woman towards them. Heer whispered, “Why is he coming with his mom?”

Nikki said, “If everything goes well…I think Samar will have dad by tomorrow”

Heer slapped her arm. Nikki rubbed her arm. Derek said, “Nikki, Heer, mom wanted to talk to you two”

Derek left to meet with one of his friends. Heer asked, “Alice, how are you?”

Alice said, “I am good. Well, my daughter misses you she was really attached to you. Now, getting back to the point, we would like you to make a speech about the magazine”

Heer looked surprised, “You should ask Derek to do that. After all he is the editor”

Alice held her hand and said, “Heer, you are one of the best designer of the world and we would like our best employee to say something about our New Look family”

Heer said, “Alice I can’t. I am sorry”

Nikki said, “Come on Heer. Get up on stage and say anything”

Heer said, “Okay, I’ll try”

Heer stepped on the stage and said some good things about the magazine. After finishing her speech, she stepped down. Nikki raised her glass and said, “You rocked it”

Heer said, “Thank you but there is no need”

Just then, Vivan entered in the party. He looked handsome in Italian suit. He went to meet Derek and his family. They greeted each other with smiles. Nikki watched them from far. She went to Heer who was checking her phone. She asked, “What do you think? Is he trying to become friendly with the boss?”

Heer looked up and said, “I don’t care”

She went out to talk on phone. Vivan came to Nikki and asked, “So where is your friend?”

Nikki rolled her eyes and asked, “Why do you care?”

Vivan smiled and said, “We are friends and friends take care of each other”

Nikki said, “Stay away from her”

Saying this, she went away. Heer reentered the party still checking her phone. Vivan caught glimpse of her. He lost track of time for few minutes. He walked to her. She smiled and asked, “What happened?”

He said, “I just wanted to ask did your boss know about your kid?”

She looked up in surprise. She asked, “How do you know about my kid?”

He said, “When I came to your house I saw that I love mom card with your picture in it. I never came for ‘peace offering’. So your loving ex-boyfriend didn’t tell his parents about a single mom working for them. You know they can fire you if they get to know that you have not informed them everything about you. You are supposed to tell inform them about your life and a kid is really important detail to mention”

Heer said, “What are you trying to say?”

Vivan smiled cunningly, “I am trying to tell you that it will be really embarrassing for you when Mrs. Alice Colton will ask your kid’s father’s name and… when you will not remember his name then…”

Heer asked, “What do you want?”

Vivan laughed, “I love it when people get to point. I want you to apologize to me for that coffee incident in front of everyone…on your knees”

Heer narrowed her eyes. She said, “Okay”

Vivan said, “Wow, I thought you will be hard to get”

Heer smiled and said, “Go and tell them”

He got surprised, “Are you sure? You know it will not be good”

Heer folded her arms against her breast and said, “Yeah, go and you know when they will ask you will be shocked to know the father’s name”

Vivan got confused, “Why will I be shocked?”

Heer smiled and said, “You remember high school, when you went to camping trip. You had spent a night with the girl who used to play violin in school band”

Vivan said, “Yeah so”

Heer kissed Vivan on cheek and whispered, “Daddy, if you want to make joke of yourself, go and tell them”

Leaving Vivan shocked, Heer went to talk to Nikki.