The story is about a girl who is pressurized by her family to take up science in 11th and 12th. She defies all the odds and achieves her dream of becoming an economist.


Susanna was a topper. Let it be in kindergarten or in school, she has always stood first. Not only academically but also in sports, music and dance. The teachers in her school always used to think that she is going to take up science during her 12th grade, Biology to be exact and then become a doctor. Not only her teachers but also to some extent her parents also thought the same.

That’s what happens in India, isn’t it? Science students are considered to be the toppers and people who end up taking commerce or humanities are well, not good as students. Susanna was not a science freak. She believed in the reality of life.

“Mom Dad, I have decided I will take up commerce”

“Beta, whatever you decide” said Rohit.

“But why not science? From the day that you have started learning biology, you have always topped” Said Sumita.

“Mom, I know I am good at biology and physics but that’s not my interest. I don’t want to be a doctor rather I want to do something heroic for the country like Amartya Sen did”

“He’s an Economist” said Rohit and Sumita.

“Of course I know that and that’s what I want to be”

After two months of the 10th board exams, result were out. Susanna was the state topper of UP. She was awarded and the media took her interview too.

Then after that, it was the time to decide.

“Dad, I will continue in the same school for 11th and 12th and take up commerce”

Rohit was happy because he was in the business market and he knew what Susanna wanted to become was something even tougher than being a doctor. Sumita was not satisfied with her decision but she was never going to force Susanna that was her promise. When a girl child was born to her, Sumita was criticized by her conservative family and from there on she promised herself to give Susanna all the freedom she wanted.

During her school career, Susanna excelled in 11th and 12th grade as well. Let it be a simple class test or annual exams, she topped. Before the boards began she started applying for various colleges like SRCC, Stephens and Christ University.

“Mom, my results for boards will be out tomorrow” said Susanna to Sumita.

“Beta, don’t worry I am sure you will do well”

At 10 o’clock sharp, Susanna sat in front of the computer waiting for her results. Her anxiety increased as the result was delayed by one hour.

“97.3% Mom and Dad” said Susanna as she kept the calculator on the table with tears in her eyes.

Two weeks after that, she got into a college of her dreams where she was going to pursue Economics Honours. She had to leave two weeks later.

Today, Susanna is 25 years old. She has written a lot of books on inflation, poverty and hunger. She completed her Masters abroad but came back to work for her motherland. She is one of the youngest economists of the country and works as the deputy governor of RBI.

Sumita and Rohit are visiting Susanna today.

“She actually did it Sumita” says Rohit. “Our daughter is one of the known economists in the country today and she is just 25”.

“She is my little Economist” replied Sumita.