Tribute to martyrs who lost their lives in Siachen glacier.


“Tony, don’t do that. They will get misplaced!” she shouted from the kitchen.

“But Mom, they remind me of my superhero. I miss him so much today” completely oblivion of the situation.

These words brought her from the kitchen to the hall. As she entered, her son was going through his dad’s medals as if they were one of his toys. The gleam in his eyes, the smile on his lips and the proud on his face seemed infectious.

She was instantly taken to a nostalgic flashback in her mind.

A gush of wind came out of nowhere, embracing her skin, leaving her with Goosebumps .She was taken back to the times when she had been proposed in front of the whole college.

 He had been there on his knees in the canteen, in front of their whole gang with a French fry folded into a ring. Not caring for the onlookers who were smiling, since she was all that mattered to him.

 “He’d always been so brave!” she chuckled to herself, while her eyes were wet.

What happened ma? You seem lost!

And those words at once broke her daydream and she was brought back to the reality. She missed his presence more than ever.

Nothing beta, she assured. Her face told a different tale, though.

At once she went to her bedroom and started fetching for something frantically.   Like it was a hidden treasure buried. But treasure it was, indeed. It was their Marriage album.

Thousands of memories were brought back in a flash. She went through her pictures, feelings those moments with fingers.

 It was a good one hour spent between those love birds, behind closed doors, where there was no one except of her and his countless memories.

But fate had played his part and they had been separated for the call of duty.

But she was a strong woman. Almost as brave as his husband who was an army jawan placed at the Siachen Glacier. She was a proud wife just as his husband

For the responsible person he was and always had been. For the source of inspiration he was to their son that he never got weary of praising his dad in front of his friends. For the pride he had brought to not just his parents and family but the nation as well for his undeterred services for the motherland.

 But it had been six days and now her hopes were giving up. There had been not a single ray of hopes. She never missed watching the news channels or reading all the seven newspapers she had subscribed just to get a hint of how his husband was, where he was. Should she even consider waiting for him?

 She only prayed for a hint from god.

But the next day came with sun shining bright, guaranteeing positivity. The day she had been waiting for. Her prayers had been heard. In came the news of her husband being the sole survivor of the avalanche that had hit the Siachen. He had been but sleeping in the lap of his motherland all theses six days.

A big sigh of relief was met by the customary tears of joy.

Tony got all his answers. Now he knew why her mother had been so restless all these days. His father was a superhero, indeed.

He felt he had the responsibility of being the man of the house on his shoulders, so he extended his little fingers to wipe those tears. Seeing this, her mother hugged him and kissed on his forehead. A new brave soldier was in the making.


*Siachen Miarcle Inspired.