Meet Mick, the happy tick who lives on Humpty the camel. He is a jolly little guy who loves to take bumpy rides and bask in the bright yellow sun. One early morning, Humpty set out on a long journey with his master and his friends. Humpty did not know where they were going. Neither did Mick. But Mick tagged along with his humpy friend coz that is whom he calls ‘home’. 

The journey was long and there were no new friends to make. The desert harsh with neither shade nor a lake.  The day seemed never-ending and the master had no plans of stopping. 

“Hey! Big guy”, called out Mick. “Where do you think we are going?”

“No idea, mate. I just follow my master around”, said Humpty. 

He walked and walked while Mick circled on his hump.  Mick loves bumpy rides but not the long ones. It was noon and Mick had grown very tired. The sun was now right over his head. And Oh, the thirst! Mick sunk his teeth into Humpty to take a quick sip. 

“Arrrgh. You are so mean, man. We had an agreement. Bite me but don’t hurt me. Give me a heads-up”, shouted the camel. “Sorry big guy, long rides make me not be me”, mumbled Mick. He filled his pot tummy, stretched his legs and decided he would take a nap. Or maybe not… Mick hates long rides. He kept staring at the sun waiting for it to go down. His weary eyes slowly shut while Humpty kept at the tiring stride. 

A sudden jerk woke Mick from his slumber. He rubbed his eyes and called out, “Big guy, where are we?” Humpty struggled to find the right position to lie down. “Time to rest. It is almost night”, said he. Mick looked around. “Did we reach?” asked he. “I doubt it”, replied Humpty. 

“Ow… just not fair. Another day of long ride!” cried Mick. 

Only if Mick loved LOOOONG bumpy rides!