“The asteroid is heading undeterred toward us. We’re doomed,” the newsreader quoted, her face ashen. The judgment day has arrived, people running here and there not knowing what to do, some are speeding up with their cars drifting and struggling to keep on the road nearly killing others. Men with masks are high-jacking everything from stores-its like hell raising down on earth. Everyone had lost their feeling of humanity, trying to escape from this bitter truth of the final day on earth, “where could anyone possibly go?”, an old woman helplessly cried out to God.

This asteroid will kill millions and more, maybe this is the last day for mankind. Had God left us in this miserable time? Was this his plan all along? Those that were born a day before or just minutes before the immediate arrival of this dark fate didn’t deserve this!

Sirens alarming everywhere, the noise of little children screaming, parents in a desperate situation holding their kids in their hands trying to hide their feeling of hopelessness towards their children. Prayers are roared with high intensity in holy places believing God wouldn’t abandon them.

Soon the heat of the asteroid fell on Earth. I looked up towards the sky and an eerie noise shrieked in my ears. The sky was brimming with light, it wasn’t a warm one. It was as though the heat was melting my skin. Time ticked lazily at the moment, everything was blurry and seemed slow-mo, like in those James Bond movies.

And all of a sudden everything went black!


“Hey.. hey, Max”, a familiar voice rang through my ear as if it was a broadcast message.

“Max, you stupid kid, you are late. Why are you sleeping this much? The school bus will arrive in just 10 minutes.”

My eyes shuttered as the sunlight shimmered through the curtains and in front of me was a horrifying sight of my mom panting with anger.

What’s scarier, my mom or that asteroid that killed us all in my dream?

Obviously, I will choose my Mom.