Winky (gen z version of our old common Pinky) in the zeal to get admission into her favourite college, is now suffering from the ‘long distance traveling syndrome’.

Office hour crowd and extreme dearth of empty seat are not rare anymore, but what makes it more worse is when you look outside in the hope of getting some source of entertainment and get what ?.. just black .

What more to expect in tunnel?

Neither network in your phone nor colours outside.

Enthusiastic winky day by day turning into exhausted Winky but college societies which she takes as her pride are not letting her take a single leave.

Well college societies have their own legacy no!

Can’t compromise!

See, going outside means more people more exposure and more ‘looks’right .

But even after making traveling as an integral part of her daily life this person is missing the perfect pair of eyes she wanna have a look at .

In the chain of ignorance one day when her eyes met another pair of eyes (the perfect ones)  on the platform other side she felt spark!

It was soothing nothing tempting.

Those eyes were not distracted… they were focused with peace and ease.

It was not at all a coincidence but as if a well destined plan.

Winky found it superb, all her tiredness got disappeared after that sweet little but distant moment.

Not a big deal.. well ofcourse not! And why it should be? Slowly our winky also realised it when she opened her eyes… wait what ?

Her eyes must be open that time right.. when hers were meeting at the next platform?

Yeah they were ..but all inside, her tired brain producing desired thoughts .

Sad no….

Only two amazing creatures can reveal  that when will Winky find love of her life,  one is Winky and other one is her college societies.

After this wonderful day dreaming Winky goes back home, all tired and hungry except her fingers never tired of scrolling the reels.

Scrolling throughout insta and playing romantic songs on loop to manifest the same has become the daily routine.

Until and unless she doesn’t receive the call from her much beloved societies .