Tina and Monica were two children who lived near a forest. On hot and humid days, they would go to the forest and rest under a Banyan tree.

The tree was home to many kinds of birds. Tina and Monica played hide and seek around it and enjoyed watching the birds, One day, Tina and Monica saw three strangers. They had iron axes with them.

“How far is the forest from here?” One man asked Tina. “Not very far,” replied Tina. As soon as the men left, Tina said to Monica.

“What will these men do with the axes? Let’s find out

Soon they heard a noise-thuk-thuk-thuk-thuk The strangers were cutting down the Banyan trees in the forest. “Stop that,” Monica shouted “Why are you cutting these trees?” “Go away, children,” shouted one of the men.

Tina and Monica wanted to stop the strangers but they were helpless “Let’s call our teacher for help,” said Tina. They ran to their teacher’s house and told him the whole story.

When the teacher heard the story he became very upset. He went to the school and rang the school bell loudly.

The villagers were surprised to hear the school bell ringing on a holiday.

They hurried to the school. Now, the children with their teacher and the villagers reached the forest. You can’t cut down that tree, “the villagers shouted. The three men got scared. They left their axes behind and ran away as fast as they could. Tina and Monica had saved the Banyan tree.