Selena did not find her love in the hills of daffodils neither it is a love at first sight. It is more than just any love story for her. She is not even sure that the person she loves also loves her back as she barely knows her. Dilemma and her conservative society restrict her to think about her love. She is even afraid to dream about even falling in love. In her society it is considered as a heinous crime and she being an obedient girl, cannot commit a crime. For her the values of her family are a priority and going against their value is not in her genes. She is wrapped up in a fear of isolation and shunning from her own family and society.

The day Selena fell in love…

It is a perfect day to not to come out of the house and pollute yourself with dirt and mud. However, things go out of your hands and make you do unavoidable things at unavoidable time in life. Selena has to leave her house in the darkest of the days as no excuses are accepted at her position. It is raining outside and there is puddle everywhere. There is mud and castles of mud building everywhere on the road. She has to cross everything and to take an auto. Her mother is worried whether she will be able to reach the college on time or not and without getting dirty. Selena is receiving calls every minute as she is the vice president of her department and an important meeting is going happen in the college premises. She even has to speak and represent her department in front of the principal of the college as the president of her department is out of station.

Somehow she reaches the auto stand however, all wet and dirty and covered in mud and sand. She reaches the metro station without much of trouble after sitting in the auto. She enters the metro station and while she is climbing the stairs to board the metro a strange things happens to her. Another girl is climbing stairs with her. However, Selena does not pay much attention to it and climbs the stairs. The girl stands next to Selena and when metro arrived, they both boarded the metro at the same time. When they were entering the metro that girl’s hand and body touches Selena. Selena have never in her life felt something similar. She feels like it is love at first touch. It is weird coming from a girl’s mouth, but such things do happen and exist in this society.

That girl’s hand is so soft and subtle that she forgets the surrounding and focuses on her alone. Selena’s eyes are moving in the direction of that girl’s movement. They have an eye contact and the chemistry says it all. The air around them changes and their eyes are saying more than they will ever say. The resistance and apologetic mindset to love the same sex is there. However, they are lost that are unable to notice that Selena has to get down at the following station. Selena’s phone starts ringing after such a long gap. She has to come back to the real world and understand that she has to get down at the next station. They look at each other for the one last time and bid goodbye from their eyes. There is certain undefined energy which is holding them together.

She gets off at her station and leaves her new found love in the metro. Everything is flashing in front of her eyes and she can clearly make out that her future is full of problems and cons. She cannot think of any pro in her love and any further decision to make. She reaches the college a little late than usual. She attends the meeting and everything goes well. After the meeting, her friends ask her to go out and have lunch. She refuses and goes home directly. She is hoping to that girl again. However, nothing happens as she was hoping to happen.

She reaches the home and day dreaming about that girl and her together. She has already planned everything and moving fast in her thinking. When suddenly it seems hollow as they are girls and they cannot live together in this society. Each day she misses that girl and fall more for her. However, lesbian love is banned and all her dreams are shattered. She can only dream and love her in her dreams.