This story is about a girl who was do so lost in her self-control  world that she actually forgot to live her life. She was always self obsessed and craved for love. Now let us see who’s love it is, which brings her back to the real world and teaches her to live her life.

Once upon a time lived a girl, people knew her as an introvert, self centered and someone who’s always been in her own self controlled world. She’s always been reserved, never expressive and always hidden under her shell. Everyone wondered how could one ever be a part of her life. It does bothered many of them, but none actually took any efforts to know the reason beyond her preference of solidarity above the chaos. For 20 long years, this princess was hidden in her shell, like the mighty tortoise. Always in search of shore but did managed to live in the sea too. Many storms came along her way, but none could deter her instill determination. Waves, did shook her a times, they carried her to different shores but every time she landed up in a new place, all she knew was it was her own self whom she could trust more than anyone else. Many a times she felt lonely but that was never because she felt alone. Rather, it was her lone time which she missed the most during her worst. It was always she and her solitary life which filled the existence of her survival, unless there came her prince. Prince, who was he? Was he someone she loved, or someone who loved her?

He was neither of those, he was that imaginary part who came true, for whom she kept on looking for throughout her life. He was that missing part of her, which she couldn’t find herself too. Everyone knew someone has to fill her voidness and bring her back to virtuality with his virtuosity. But as always expected her life was something beyond their imagination.

She always choose her way, and listened to the voice of her soul. But he has become the one who directed her all along her journey to her destiny. For her, he just occupied the space of her introversion. Before she was the one who judged herself, now it’s his vision which is analysing her, her flaws, her perfection. He adored every curve of her life, and his eyes became a medium of her vision. She never deterred his abilities, it was all the gravity of his umpteen belief in her which attracted her towards him. Ever since ages, everyone knew her only as a self obsessed person but none could captivate the beautiful soul of her as he did. Their life was so smooth and calm going, like the silent lake amidst the mountains. They were enjoying their togetherness, and the love admired the respect they have for each other. They believed, they have accomplished every bit of their incomplete life. He showed her what she has missed all throughout her life being in her only me zone, she accepted her flaws too. And finally she started experiencing life, the actual form of life what others always meant she must try to live. She lived it with his support. Ultimately this wandering parasite found herself safe in his shelter. She started laughing, her life became beautiful. She finally freed herself from the shackles of her life, which she forcefully built around herself.


People around her noticed this change in her, but what shocked everyone was the reason behind this change in her. She told everyone about the Prince of her life who came to her rescue ultimately. When none was around her she believed it was only him who became the backbone of her life. But none believed in her words. She was herself not evident about his existence but surely did she feel his presence around her. She felt the hand which always helped her raise during her woes, and the peace which she always experienced being in his arms. She tried to convince them about his presence but at times she was herself dubious about him. Surely for ages she did crave for that supportive hand, which he extended. But when the existence of him turned a mystery, she doubted the change what people around her noticed too. For her it was he who introduced her to this world, without him this new life meant nothing to her. This change in her life, and the struggle she faced to find herself, was all this for someone who never existed? Is that her imagination which led her towards the delusion of his existence or Is that a part of her own life, which no more could bear the pain of hiding tears behind a pasted smile!!

Love Ultimately won over her, her self-imposed boundaries. But it is not the love for him, it is the love which she had for herself. Yes, it is her self-love which she always craved for. And finally her thoughts made their way through the hallucination and helped her find herself. The image of her own existence which has been blurred all this while, finally became clear enough for anyone to understand the real her. Get to know yourself, what your soul craves for, is for you to spend some time, to know what you Are! The Real You!