I read somewhere, that butterflies in stomach dies once you start adulting, there is no love at first sight, crush remains crush and life happens.

Hi! I am Stiya and wanna share a small scene from my life. So i am 25yr old, totally exhausted with responsibilities and the upcoming arrange marriage thing at home for myself. I just wanted to go numb for a while, didn’t wanted to feel anything or anyone. Just wanted to be me for a while.

So to escape the reality I chose a small fantasy. Booked my self a a tour with a agency to Manali and left the adulting me back at home. There were many like me on that tour, but eventually everybody found their buddies and a company. I was alone but i was completely ok and enjoying my solo trip. We reached our destination, we stayed in tents, hills, near Lake. So many adventures. I was happy. I was making ice balls, snow man, throwing them in air, like a crazy little girl. I didn’t care about anyone around me, I even had small fracture in leg while, but didn’t bother me as I was so much involved in the activities. I remember the look of the trek advisor, ” you irresponsible creep” can’t you be little careful!. All these are now marked memories I am carrying.

It was time for us to come, I still didn’t have any friends made.. already in train, and last few stations to go and the senior trek advisor comes up with the idea of game called dumb charades. All were still with same energy, started making teams. Girl named Sherlyn and a guy Akash made two teams. To my surprise Sherlyn took my name first, I gave to dumbest look to people. Like girl we don’t even know each why me at first. And with big smile she was like, Stiya come come!! I didn’t feel strange with that smile, it was very much welcoming, as if i knew her through out.

She puts her hand around my neck and continued further. We started to play, and our team was on top notch!!! They all knew my name, even when I hardly even spoke to anyone on trip. I was so pulled by their vibe. They all were from different cities and states, may be never gonna see them again. It was the last round of the game and I was acting out the movie name. And suddenly I noticed something, it was really messy feeling. The trek advisor! The one who gave me angry looks, he kinda seemed different, with that gentle smile, and that constant look he gave while I was acting. He wasn’t playing but he answered the movie name. That look wasn’t normal, i felt a bit sick after that so i moved to my sit. Half an hour more. I saw him again, and now he was coming to my sit, my heart!!! Stomach! All of my body parts were getting weird as he approached near, he called out my name, I gave him scared looks, he handed me the scarf. My scarf!!! which i had lost while trekking. U see what’s happening?!!

And he sat besides me. So i wasnt sick just my butterflies grew up too big. He didn’t utter a word. I got up i was about to reach, he helped me with my luggage, and moved near door. I still dnt say thanks, i had to.

Me: Thanks

Him: hmmm

Me: hm?

Him: You’ll travel with us again?

Me: huh?

Him: Yea, only then i can

welcome u.

I smiled! I knew that was it. I slightly had tears too.

Him: Take care of your leg. I didn’t know u were solo on trip, Sheryln and I were noticing u, since then.

He suddenly turned into such soft spoken and gentle men!

Me: sorry but i still don’t know your name.. your name?

Him: (Giving me wicked smile) Abhi,

I didn’t have the guts to even ask for his full name, so atleast i could search him on social media.

He hugged me! He was very close, I was feeling every moment at that time. And my messy hair that got tangled to his shirt, and he said bye, hope to see you soon. Station had arrived. I wanted the time to stop. It won’t! I took a deep breath and lifted my luggage, saw Sheryl coming too, she hugged me so tight as if she was my bestie since a long and i missed to recognise. I felt i belonged there.

All the trip people got out of the train, we clicked a picture together. I could feel the memories getting heavier every second. I had last eye contact with him. He came again to say bye and with that he said I’ll find you soon.

With that it’s the second day, waiting with high hopes for a big change to happen in my life❤️