In a small village in Punjab, young Rahul and Aalia , best friends since childhood,  saw their lives changing by the partition of India. Rahul belonged to a Hindu family, while Aalia came from a Muslim background. With time, hostilities grew between their families as, Rahul’s family decided to migrate to India, while Aalia’s family were prepared to cross the border and join Pakistan. On the eve of the division, chaos overtook the village, however, Rahul and Aalia adhered to their bond. They met secretly under the starry sky, sharing dreams of a future where love and understanding would win over hatred and division.

The day of departure arrived, Rahul’s family left for India in a dangerous voyage. Along the voyage, they faced countless obstacles and witnessed unspeakable horrors incidents. Aalia’s family too faced their own trials as they travelled  towards Pakistan. Months turned into years, and Rahul and Aalia’s lives took different paths. They faced the challenges of rebuilding their shattered lives, haunted by memories of the separation and the price they had to pay to achieve freedom.

Aalia and Rahul were reunited on the border that once tore them apart decades later when old age set in. As they hugged, tears of joy and pain mixed as they realized their friendship had crossed time and space’s barriers. This story of Rahul and Aalia became a symbol of unity and resilience, reminding the world that even in the face of difficulty, love and friendship can bridge the deepest divides.


  1. Guranjan Kaur

    ‘Bond Beyond Borders’ as the name suggests, the story tries to transcend the space and place through the characters of ‘Rahul’ and ‘Aalia’ during the Partition of India 1947. The story revolves around their friendship and their innocence, making complete contrast with outer surroundings filled with chaos and horror. Towards the end, we see that, they have crossed the geographical and emotional borders but too much time has been passed. Though the story ends on a positive note, as a reader one would question the lack of emotional depth and the consequences of traumatic past in the story.