The story is about a girl and change in her nature when life took a drastic turn. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Living in this world is not an easy task. This world is full of commenting people who can’t keep their mouths shut. They very efficiently utilize their speaking senses but forget about listening part. Listening is more important than speaking yet many people speak more rather than to listen. Despite the fact that we are being given two ears and only one mouth, we should speak less and hear more but still everyone does the opposite. Everyone prefers to speak more and hear less. They are not utilizing energy but wasting it. We come accross many problems if we don’t listen properly or deliberately ignore the listening part. Listening is an important activity just like talking, studying, playing or any other work. Proper listening is a task everyone should work on and learn.

People often don’t understand the difference between listening and hearing. Hearing is when the words struck our ears and we notice that someone might be talking or babbling but listening is when you actually involve in the conversation and the words not only struck through your ear but they also penetrate in your mind. To reply effectively or giving correct answers we should listen but not hear. People often do the opposite.

This girl named Tina did the same mistake. She used to talk talk and talk but hardly listen. She was known as a loquacious girl in school. She even got herself a nickname of “chatter-box” in school. Hardly few knew her by her actual name rest all used her nickname to address her. She could talk for hours on worthless topic or rather any topic. Despite talking a lot she passed 10th standard with very good grades and even was among top 10 students in the school. Everyone was shocked by seeing her performance. No one ever imagined that she would perform this much better. But, we all know that exceptions are always there and Tina became the school’s exception.

During the initial months of 11th standard not much was changed, especially for Tina. Huge classrooms, boring lectures and enjoyable break. Everything was same, everyone was same. Being talkative Tina had some good friends among which Sheela was her best friend. Sheela and Tina were friends from childhood with very different personalities. Sheela was not a kind of talking person. She used to remain indoor more and had an introvert kind of personality. And Tina always supported her. Tina always bring the best out of her and their friendship was considered the best.

Passing months proved to be a bit burdening for students. Syllabus was huge and time was remaining less. Many students study hard and many leave it for another day. Tina studied hard during her final examination but still her papers didn’t go as she had expected. And then finally the results were out. Tina was going to school with her parents to collect her report. While entering the classroom she had mixed feelings of regret, sadness and failure. It was like she already knew what the result would be like. And she was right. She had lower scores and teachers complained a lot regarding her behavior in the class. On the way back her parents scolded her but she assured them that she will give her best the next year. Parents might have scolded a bit longer but they had another more grievous news for her which they know she can’t handle. Reaching home they handed her a letter and gave a privacy to let her emotions spread. Tina was a bit confused and opened the letter. Reading this letter was the worst thing that she ever did. Tears started rolling down her cheek. She was no doubt sad with her 11th standard performance but the letter in her hand broke her into pieces.


          “ dearest Tina,

I know this is not the correct way to say goodbye but I can’t face you with tears. I know we have been friends for years and now is the time to take a break and start the life again to succeed. Don’t worry about your 11th grades. They don’t even matter much but you should start considering 12th seriously. This class is not easy either and also without me. I know you will be mad and angry with me but I also know that you will forgive me. I should have met you before going but the situations were becoming worse and we had to leave early. I am going abroad for studies and will try to come back but I can’t guarantee. Please Tina don’t be sad and study hard this year. I have full confidence in you and don’t let me down. I know you have the potential and you will achieve great heights. Whenever you feel lonely just remember our beautiful memories and listen to my voice and I will be there for you. I dreamed for our long friendship but I guess this would be our end. Remember my motivation sessions and never get demotivate. Hope to meet soon and do studies regularly. And always remember that this is not the end.

            Yours beloved friend

                     Sheela  “


This letter proved to be a tight slap on Tina’s bubbly face. It was like her whole world has been shattered into pieces. Reading the letter was like listening the voice of Sheela. Each and every word expresses the emotions of Sheela with her voice. Tina burst out of emotions and cried whole day. She had never imagined that her life would take such a drastic turn.

The next day she entered her new classroom. Now, everything was changed. Even bigger classrooms, same faces but with different nature and most importantly unenjoyable breaks. The girl who never think before speaking has not spoke a single word whole day. It was like she has been turned into a silent bee. Everyone was shocked. They all thought it may be due to her results but no one knew the actual reason.

Tina started to become more weird, weird for others and normal for herself. Her boring lectures have been turned into interesting one. One day before exam studier has became a bookworm and is seen mostly in libraries. And finally her big day arrived, her final judgment call, the day of her results. She was afraid, terrified but hopeful. She passed 12th with excellent marks. She was topper of her class and held 3rd position in school. She was surprised and her tears rolled down due to happiness. She got admission in one of the best colleges or her and Sheela’s dream college. Filling the admission form she remembered their beautiful memories, promises and the voice of her letter. The letter was one of the reasons that Tina performed her best in the exams. Whenever she loses hope she used to read that letter and listen to that sweet and calm voice which not only motivates her but also fills her with energy.

The whole transformation of this chatter-box was from a single piece of paper. A single piece of paper has filled her life with happiness and a successful career ahead. Though, Sheela never came back but the unforgettable memories which they have spent together can never be taken back by anyone. After many years of hard work, Tina became a successful lawyer and Sheela was a chef in Canada.

Both were happy and busy with their jobs and always listened to their customers.