Kat and Rick love each other but they don’t have the courage to let go first…


Kat woke up with sunlight prickling her eyes through the glass door of the balcony. Sitting up, she checked her phone. “No new messages” it said. She hoped that at least today, on her birthday, he would message her but she was disappointed. He had a big day today. A big recording coming up. She typed,

All the best for today

Soon, she had second thoughts and erased the message. Putting the phone back on the night-stand, she went to bathroom to get ready for the day. She slipped in a white floral sundress.

“White always looks good on you” his voice echoed in her ears. She checked her phone again. There were messages from people wishing her but his message was not there. Picking her purse, she walked out of the door.


Rick woke up when the alarm rang for the third time. He sat on his bed and noticed that he had slept in yesterday’s clothes only. Grabbing his phone, he straighten up to finally message her. He saw the she was typing but after some minutes, she went offline. Sighing, he typed,

Happy birthday!!

But he erased it thinking that she doesn’t need his wishes for her birthday. She found the guy she always wanted, the one who actually gives her time. He got out of the bed grabbed his bag for he was to catch flight in two hours. If he would have just admitted to himself that he was not the guy she dreamed of, he wouldn’t have had a hard time moving on. Putting on his sunglasses, he got in his car and drove to the airport.


Walking on the streets, Kat was ready to explore this city alone today. Her new boyfriend, Dylan was supposed to have lunch with her so she had enough time to go around the city alone again. She stopped by a shop which made her heart sink. It was the shop in which she and Rick snuck in at midnight her last birthday. She gave a laugh with her eyes filling with tears. Luckily she was wearing sunglasses which hid her tears. She continued walking making her way the other side of the road.


Rick was checking his phone when he got the reminder about her birthday. He ignored it and shoved his phone in his pocket.

“It is not my birthday without you in it” she said that on her last birthday before kissing him on the top of the Ferris wheel. He fought his tears and tried to keep a straight face when the hostess asked him if he needs anything. He shook his head and started gazing outside the window.


“Come on Kat, it is your birthday” Penny, her best-friend exclaimed. Kat was busy taking photographs of them. She smiled saying, “I am happy being the photographer”

Penny snatched the camera from her and pushed her towards the group of their friends. Dylan took her hand and squeezed it. She smiled at him and then turned to Penny who shouted, “Everybody smile”


Click! Click! Flashing of camera made him nervous. He smiled saying, “I think these are enough”

Photographer gave a thumbs up, “Yeah, one last one Rick!”

He nodded as photographer clicked one more photo of him.


She was sitting with Dylan on the swings. He laughed, “You have got to be kidding me. How can you not like it?”

She shrugged, “Not my type. I am basically more of a thriller person”

His eyes widen, “Then, maybe I should take you out for a horror movie”

She blushed, “Yeah, I’ll prefer horror over romantic”


Rick was sitting in a restaurant waiting for a meeting that was supposed to happen, surfing his gallery. He came across the folder which had all the photos of them together. Seeing her smile again made his heart break a little. The thought that now that smile will be for someone else made him sick. He dialed her number but it went to the voicemail. Keeping the phone on table, he buried his face in his hands. He started typing out a message,


But his producers arrived and he erased the message.


Sitting on the station waiting for the train, she was surfing through her gallery. She couldn’t control herself. Tears rolled down her face. She wiped them off but they wouldn’t stop as she watched the message he recorded on her last birthday. She thought, when did this all went downhill…

As she went through his profile, she noticed a photo of him kissing a girl. He had moved on, she thought. She boarded her train while re-reading their conversation. She saw him typing but there was no message.


“Kat is the best girlfriend in the whole world” she shouted on the top of her voice, “You have to shout that”

He laughed as she swirled around the pole, “Not a chance. How can you be so sure that you are the best?”

She laughed, “I just know it. Now stop filming it”

He laughed, “No I’ll not. I should have a proof that you are one crazy person”

She laughed hysterically.

Rick had watched this video ten times because he missed her laugh.


Kat reached Penny’s house where they had planned a party for her. She was happy to be surrounded by the people she loved. They were having conversations and jokes which she had missed when she was with Rick. He had been travelling a lot so she had to travel with him which made her miss her home. Pressing her cheek against Dylan’s shoulder, she smiled as Penny’s brother showed off his new dance move.

In the kitchen, Penny’s mom was busy making herself a glass of wine when Kat entered. She asked, “Do you want something, dear?”

Kat shook her head as her smile faded away. Penny’s mom asked, “You don’t miss him?”

Kat sighed, “Every moment but he moved on. So I have to move on too”

She sat on the stool nearby as Penny’s mom stroked her hair finally hugging her as she burst into tears.


Rick entered the club with his friends. He was sitting near the bar when he noticed a girl staring at him. She smiled coyly at him. He smiled too. His friends forced him to get on the stage to sing a song. Half-drunk, he sang a song.

Outside the club, he was stood next to that girl talking to his friends. As both of them started talking, he moved closer to her and kissed her.


She kissed Dylan goodbye and walked back to her house.


There was something which made him stop. He said goodbye to her and went off.


Crashing back on her bed, she typed,

Kept thinking about you all day

She noticed he was typing too


Wanted to wish you happy birthday since the morning

He typed.


Shaking her head, she put her phone on silent mode.


Erasing the message, he kept the phone to side.


After a while, Rick was unable to sleep. He finally gave in. Picking up the phone, he dialed her number.

Kat was crying when her phone buzzed. She picked it up and a joy flushed in her heart when she saw his number.


All it takes is the one step towards the person you love to make things right again. If you really love someone, just say it and work through all the odds.