What will you do when the guy you have loved secretly asks for your help?? A simple love-story…

Sitting on the wet grass, Abigail was furiously sketching Notre-Dame in her sketchbook. Her fingers had charcoal on them. Suddenly, she heard, “Instead of drawing it, have you ever had a chance to go inside?”

Gazing up, she saw her longtime crush, Elliot admiring the beauty of Notre-Dame. The cathedral has a magical beauty which can keep anyone captivated. Her heart was skipped a beat when their eyes met and he smiled. He settled next to her and peeked in her sketchbook. He asked, “You drew this?”

She nodded resuming her drawing. He moved the strand of her hair at back of her ear. She looked up. He replied, “Well, do you want to go inside?”

She shook her head, “I am happy here. You can go in by yourself, if you want to go”

“Ouch, rude” he said mimicking like an arrow hitting in his heart. She gave a laugh. He gestured towards the sketchbook asking, “Do you mind if I see it?”

Handing the book to him, she gave a smile. He flipped through pages and was impressed by the sketches she had created which looked painted a beautiful picture of Paris. He raised his brows, “You did this?”

She nodded with blood rushing in her cheeks. Looking at her watch, she said, “I have to leave”

He handed her the sketchbook saying, “Okay, see you in class”

Smilingly, she got on her feet picking her bag. As she walked away, he watched her go. She turned to see him and he gave his best smile.


Aime, Aimes, Aime, Aimons, Aimez, Aiment” Abigail read the conjugation in her book. Studying French since her third grade, she knew them by heart. Shoving the book to side, she took out the sketchbook with blue cover on it. It was a different one, the one she hid from everyone. Turning to the latest sketch, she had a small smile on her face. She drew him in Physics class when he was trying hard to understand but couldn’t. When he turned to her, her whole body froze. She had turned her attention to blackboard, not making obvious to him that she was staring at him.

Kicking her shoes to side, she bent down to get her favorite set of brushes from under the bed. They had fallen last night when she was trying to get a better view of La Tour Eiffel from her window. There was a knock her door which made her jump and bump her head with bed. Sliding out, she straighten her shirt and opened the door. Elliot was leaning against the frame with arms folded and with a big smile. She quickly took jacket from the side to cover her over-sized t-shirt, which showed off her red bra. She noticed he had been looking but he gazed up to ceiling asking, “I think it was really inappropriate to disturb you at this time”

She gave a smile zipping her jacket to top, “No, it is totally fine”

“Are we okay?” he asked. She pressed her lips together nodding, “Hmm”

He entered the room and crashed on the bed making books fall on floor. She sighed as he bit his lip murmuring, “Sorry”

Shaking her head, she bent down to pick them. He also helped her. Giving her the books, he said, “There you go”

She replied, “Merci

He shrugged, “De rien

He sat on the bed asking, “Is your room always this messy?”

She replied putting books on the table, “Yes, do you have any problem?”

“No, it is just a girl’s room is always tidier than boy’s”

She walked across the room saying, “Then let’s just say I am not any typical girl”

He laughed. She sat across him with her legs crossed, “What are you doing?”

His brows raised, “Means”

She clasped her hands together, “What are you doing here? In a girl’s room, at the middle of night?”

He shrugged, “I needed someone to talk”

“Then you should talk to your girlfriend. She is right across the hall”

He nodded glancing at her face and then staring back at her hands. She asked, “Then”

He shrugged, “She will not understand”

Abigail knew he had been going through some problems with his girlfriend as they were seen fighting by many of the students of school. She asked, “What she will not understand?”

He leaned in saying, “Well, it’s just… I don’t know how to say it… I just… The thing is I am failing French and I don’t want to ask for her help and you…”

He moved closer, “You’ll help me?”

She shrugged, “I suppose I can. But why you don’t want her help?”

“She’s just… she’ll get bossy if I help ask for help”

Elliot brushed his hair back, “So you’ll help me?”

Abigail had her heart racing. He was asking for her help. She nodded. He had his bright smile on his face, “So, when can we start?”

She replied, “Whenever you want”

“Okay, I think tomorrow evening” he said looking around the room. The sketchbook on the nightstand caught his eye. She noticed this. He asked, “What is that? Another sketchbook?”

She took the book and hugged it, “It is personal”

He raised his hands in air, “Hey, I was just asking. Not going through without your permission”

Getting on his feet, he said, “So, I should leave. Don’t want to get in trouble for being in your room at this hour”

She followed him to the door. He playfully ducked to get the book but she stepped back. He laughed before stepping out of the room. As she closed the door, her heart was racing faster than ever. He was in her room. He asked for her help. He sat on her bed. Pinching herself, she knew it was not a dream. It was reality and another reality was…he loved his girlfriend. He had loved her since they started the school. Calming herself, she sat on the bed and opened her sketchbook.